More Fun Comics #73

    More Fun Comics » More Fun Comics #73 - Doctor Fate: "Mr. Who" released by DC Comics on November 1941.

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    1st appearance of Green Arrow and Aquaman. Writer Mort Weisinger and artist George Papp ushered in the era of Green Arrow by foregoing a traditional origin story and joining the brand new hero and his sidekick Speedy in the middle of what appeared to be a lively adventuring career, subtly implying to readers that this was an established, popular feature and not one still finding its feet. As his name suggested, Green Arrow was a Robin Hood like character who could solve any dilemma with the application of archery. This included stringing a line between two rooftops for a high wire balancing act and firing shafts into a wall to create an impromptu ladder. The last story of this issue introduced Aquaman, King of the 7 seas. Aquaman wasn't the first underwater hero - DC's rival Funnies Inc had introduced a character called Namor the Sub-Mariner in their publication Marvel Comics #1 (1939) - but he filled a niche among DC's costumed adventurers. Featuring artwork of Paul Norris, the story showed off Aquaman's array of powers including super-strength, the ability to breathe underwater, and an understanding of the language of ocean creatures.

    Doctor Fate 10pgs

    Green Arrow 8pgs

    Radio Squad 6pgs

    Aquaman 8pgs

    Johnny Quick 8pgs

    Clip Carson 6pgs

    The Spectre 10pgs


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