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1. The Incredible Robberies

With The Spectre

2. The Sky Hijackers

With Detective Sergeant Carey

3. The Daring Daylight Diamond Robbery

With Congo Bill

4. Adventure in Central America

With Captain Desmo

5. Riddle of the Statuette

With Radio Squad

6. The Flying Dragons

With Lance Larkin

7. The Mystery Message

With Biff Bronson

8. Death in the Saloon

With Red Coat Patrol

The Origin of Dr. Fate

Sven Nelson, and his son, Kent, are exploring the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple. Kent discovers the body of Nabu, in suspended animation. Guided telepathically, Kent revives Nabu. Kent's father dies, falling prey to a poison gas booby trap. Nabu takes Kent under his wing, and schools the boy in the sorcerous arts. Kent, upon reaching adulthood, is sent back into the world, as Doctor Fate. Years later, at a dinner party in New York, Kent, and his girlfriend, Inza, encounter a man who is being attacked by shades.

Inza accompanies the man back to his haunted home, while Kent flies home, to put on the mantle of Doctor Fate. The shades come for their hapless victim. Inza calls out for Doctor Fate, who appears, then banishes the shade from the mortal realm. Doctor Fate, and Inza, travel to the underworld to confront Negal, lord of the dead. Doctor Fate demands Negal cease venturing into the mortal realm. After a show of force from Doctor Fate, Negal agrees.



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Story Arcs

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