More Fun Comics #12

    More Fun Comics » More Fun Comics #12 released by DC Comics on August 1, 1936.

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    Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson - Editor and Publisher

    Vincent A. Sullivan, F. Whitney Ellsworth - Associate Editors

    Stories (all are 2 pgs unless specified):

    1. Easy on the Eyes! (editorial note) - 1pg
    2. Sandra of the Secret Service [The Gavonian Affair, Part 12] (by C. Brigham)
    3. Spike Spalding [Prince of Patrania, Part 10] (by Vin Sullivan)
    4. Woozy Watts [4] [Island Adventure, Part 2] (by Alger [aka Russell Cole])
    5. Jack Woods [13] [Pancho Villa, Part 9] (by C Brigham)
    6. Ivanhoe [Part 11] (from the novel by Sir Walter Scott)
    7. Don Drake on the Planet Saro [Part 12] (by Clemens Gretter)
    8. Pep Morgan [Part 1] (by Fless [aka Creig Flessel])
    9. Barry O'Neill and Fang Gow of China [Part 12] (by Leo E. O'Mealia)
    10. Talk About Talkies (text article by Mary Partrick)
    11. Buckskin Jim [Part 12] (by Tom Cooper)
    12. Pelion and Ossa [Part 12] (by Al Stahl)
    13. Just Suppose... (by H.C. & A.D.Kiefer)
    14. Brad Hardy [Part 10] (by Tom Hickey)
    15. Fun Club (text article)
    16. The Three Musketeers [Part 2] (by Alexandre Dumas, illustrated by Sven Elven)
    17. Batter Up! [by Vin Sullivan]
    18. Dr. Occult, the Ghost Detective [Part 7] (by Leger- Reuths [aka Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster])
    19. Midshipman Dewey [Part 11] (by Tom Cooper)
    20. Wing Brady [The Bedouins, Part 11] (by Tom Hickey)
    21. Along the Main Line [Part 8] (by Tom Cooper)
    22. The Magic Crystal of History [Part 11] (by H. Fleming)
    23. Sam the Porter [3] (by Alger [aka Russell Cole])
    24. Do You Know? - 1pg
    25. More Fun and Magic (text article by Graysten, the Magician) - 1pg
    26. Bob Merritt, Gentleman Adventurer and Inventor, and His Flying Pals [The Mystery Plane, Part 8] (by Leo E. O'Mealia)
    27. Little Linda [Part 12] (by Whit Ellsworth)
    28. In the Wake of the Wander [Part 10] (by macfergus [aka Tom Cooper])
    29. 2023 Super Police [Captain Kiddlaw, Part 12] (by Clemens Gretter and Ken Fitch)
    30. "Unc" [1] (by Joe Eichberger)
    31. Pirate Gold [Part 1] (illustrated by Sven Elven)
    32. Hubert [4] (by J. Muselli and Bill Patrick)
    33. Calling All Cars, Sandy Kean and the Radio-Squad [Part 2] (by Siegel & Shuster)
    34. It's a Fact! - 1pg


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