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    Three hundred years ago, Mordath attempted to conquer the Five Lands, but was felled by the arrow of Ayden. Brought back to life and given a Sigil, he is now more evil and ruthless than before.

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    I, Mordath


    Mordath's story actually begins about three hundred years in the past. The overlord had conquered nearly all of the Five Lands of Quin with his massive troll armies. He had even killed the king of Ankhara with his own axe blade. When all hope seemed lost, a resistance army rose up against him and drove the trolls back, finally besieging his fortress stronghold. Eventually, Mordath himself was forced to take to the field of battle. If he could win the battle, all of Quin would be his, but if he failed he would lose everything, including his life. Out of the mist came the mysterious general who had successfully rallied the resistance army. An old man of regal bearing came forward astride his horse, and began decimating Mordath's troops. Going by the name of Ayden, he came face to face with Mordath and demanded he surrender or die. When Mordath refused, Ayden was forced to draw his great bow and fire, killing the warlord instantly.

    The people called upon Ayden to take of the mantle of King over the Five Lands, to stay and be their protector from future despots. Ayden (who was actually Altwaal of The First) refused, but left behind the means of calling upon his aid. He took the arrow with which he had slain Mordath, split it into five fragments, and sent them out among the Five Lands. Mordath's trolls retreated back into their forested hills and Ayden faded into history.

    Mordath's Background


    Multiple versions of Mordath's story exist. The first, known by to his troll allies, regards Mordath as a savior. He was an outcast from his kind, humans, a warrior who became hated and despised. Withdrawing from the world, he escaped into the forest and took a wife and bore a child. One day, his enemies (former allies) tracked him down and burned his home to the ground, his wife and child inside. When Mordath discovers the tragedy, he wanders the forests of Grinbor until he is near death. He is eventually found by the native troll inhabitants and slowly nursed back to health.

    In Mordath, the trolls of Grinbor see a kindred spirit, one who has been mistreated and put down by those humans who see themselves as superior. The trolls give Mordath their allegiance, and he brings back their confidence and pride in themselves. They in turn make his their war leader, and he promises to sweep the dominion of man from the Five Lands.

    A secondary version of the tale is told by one who claimed to be the son of Mordath himself. Pallias claims he is the son of Mordath and and a shamaness. Mordath was distrustful of magic, and so his new wife laid down her magic and Mordath his weapons. Pallias, their new son, soon exhibited his own ability at sorcery in greater measure than his mother. She began to secretly train him, but was discovered by Mordath. He walked out on them, leaving Pallias' mother at the mercy of his enemies, so that Pallias became an orphan. He was found and raised by his mother's former mentor, and taught the ways of magic (which explains why he himself is still alive and young in appearance after nearly three hundred years). When Mordath was resurrected, he began killing all magic users on Quin, so Pallias hid himself in a pocket universe until the time was right to strike.

    A third portion of the tale, known by the Iskani tribes of Skarnhime, relates that Mordath was not so mistrusting of magic, but rather embraced it. His closest ally was the witch Marta, a creature so full of magical knowledge she was able to turn the Iskani troll chieftains into Berserkers monsters, keeping the northern trolls out of his way and under his control.

    The real truth of his past is shrouded, and is most likely an interweaving of the three tales. Regardless of the complete truth, Mordath rose to power among the Grinbor trolls, using them to come to power and conquer the Five Lands until he was felled by Ayden's arrow.

    Mordath's Resurrection


    Nearly three hundred years following his death, the corpse of Mordath can be found in a secret shrine built and guarded by the trolls of Grinbor. A visit is paid to the decayed body by the ascended Atlanteans Danik and Solusandra. Solusandra is crossing the Bright universe, bestowing her Sigil on selected Sigil on each planet. Danik's avatar on Quin, a seeress named Neven, protests Solusandra's choice of Mordath to wield the power, but is over-ruled by the capricious goddess's whim. Solusandra gives her Sigil to Mordath, raising him from the dead and giving him the full measure of the Sigil's power. For reasons unknown, Solusandra does not return Mordath to full life and vigor, but rather leaves him as a revenant, an undead husk of animated, self-aware flesh. (Additionally, Mordath is the only completely evil, single Sigil bearer the goddess leaves behind on any planet.)

    While in the tomb, Neven discovers the secret to Mordath's downfall, a way to dispose of the despot without incurring the wrath of his fellow former Atlantean. The bow of Ayden must be given to a mortal, and that mortal must find the fragments of the arrow and summon Ayden to their rescue once again.

    Mordath the Overlord


    After his resurrection, Mordath reveals himself to the Grinbor trolls and reconsolidates his hold over them. He quickly musters and equips them to roll over the Five Lands, burning village after village behind them. Armed with his new Sigil-bourne powers, plus three-hundred years of built-up wrath, he conquers the Five Lands in short order. The great cities, like Ankhara, were brought low by his personal intervention. Where gates refused to open to his forces, rather than suffering a protracted siege, Mordath burned and melted such obstacles away.

    Some few towns and villages offered continued resistance. The Urnethi of the Wastes of Oudubai renewed their previous treaties with the despot. The Iskani trolls of Skarnhime were still cowed by the powers of Marta (who was still alive and active in the forests of Grinbor). In Ankhara, those who could, escaped into the catacombs and tombs with the Rahm, hiding their most precious weapon the Dawn Sword. These angelic warriors formed the most active resistance against Mordath's trolls, but faced difficulties in gaining ground.

    In Middelyn, pockets of resistance were met with draconian measures. Whole towns and villages were burned to the ground to serve as an example. Such a one was the town of Gerrindor, home of the former Royal Archers Darian and Arwyn. Arwyn herself is away when the evil army comes, and she returns to a town already engulfed in flames, its people already put to the sword. He husband and child lie dead in their home, and she swears vengeance on the overlord.

    While overseeing the execution of Hanun of Ankhara, Arwyn sneaks into his palace and attempts to assassinate him. The attempt fails thanks to his new powers. Mordath's men capture and clap Arwyn in chains alongside Gareth the archer. Those two eventually escape his clutches with the aid of Neven. Unfortunately for Mordath, Arwyn is Neven's chosen one to bring about his fall. To this end, she gives her Ayden's bow and entrusts her to find the five fragments of the arrow which took his life.

    Bohr, captain of Mordath's guard escapes his lord's normal way of dealing with failure (execution) and is commanded to take a contingent of men and find the escapees. Bohr does track them down to Orelyn Castle, but looses them in a literal firefight. Neven has given Arwyn the bow, and the former Royal Archer brings it to bear against her attackers with devastating results. They escape to the river by a series of tunnels beneath the ruined old castle.

    Castles and Dragons


    While Bohr and his men try to pick Arwyn's trail back up, Neven makes a surprise visit to Mordath. He immediately discerns that Neven is the one who aided Arwyn's rescue, and so brings his fire power to bear against the avatar. Any normal human would have been burned and left nothing but a pile of ash behind, but Neven not only took the brunt of the attack, she absorbed it through her staff. Tauntingly she asked, "Finished?" Once Mordath calms down, she informs him of her presence at his resurrection, and that she "was never in agreement with your resurrection." She also tells him that she has given the bow of Ayden to Arwyn and that she won't allow Mordath to upset the plans she has put in place. This causes Mordath to explode in anger again, torching the entrance to his throne room, but Neven has already departed.

    A short time later, Arwyn and Gareth track down the first fragment hidden in the hoard of a great red dragon. Arwyn strikes a bargain with this dragon, named Shiara. In exchange for Mordath's destruction at the talons of Shiara, Arwyn promises Ayden's bow can enter the dragon's hoard. Agreeing to the bargain, Shiara attacks Mordath directly in his stronghold.

    At the Keep, Mordath is having a meeting with his governors, executing Neth of Ankhara for his inability to quell the rebellion there. Shiara attacks the Keep, blasting the stained glass of the throne room with her flame breath. Shiara deals out massive destruction to the fortress, and Arwyn readies herself to finish the deed if Mordath somehow fails to fall to the fire drake. The battle seems to be their's as they make it to the throne room, site of her first failure against the revenant. As she begins to search the rubble for his body, he bursts through and grabs her by the neck. When hope seems lost, Shiara appears and challenges Mordath directly. Gareth takes initiative during the distraction and stabs Mordath through the heart with Serpent's Bane, but the weapon fails to have any effect.

    Mordath turns his attention to Shiara, blasting her from the sky and mortally wounding the serpent. Gareth convinces Arwyn to flee the castle and ensure they can continue the quest should the dragon fail. In the rush to flee down the castle walls via rope, a troll cuts the line and Arwyn falls to the ground, breaking a bone in her left arm, rendering her instantly useless as an archer. As they hobble away from the destruction behind them, Shiara continues her assault against the despot, initially giving as good as she gets. Eventually though, Mordath's power and wrath proves to be too much for Shiara, and she is forced to flee.

    Shiara flies away and swoops down to grab Arwyn, Gareth and Kreeg as they are nearly captured by the troll army. They make it back to Shiara's secret lair in the gorge. Bleeding and dying, the dragon slowly and painfully shifts back to human form and makes Gareth and Arwyn promise to avenge her death. Gareth buries the fallen drake while Arwyn gathers together bags of treasure to aid their journey south to Ankhara.

    Rebuilding and Renewing


    Mordath and his trolls begin recovering from the destruction brought about by Arwyn and Shiara. Feeling vulnerable perhaps for the first time since his resurrection, Mordath shows mercy to Bohr yet again, taking the blame for underestimating Arwyn and her resourcefulness. Bohr informs Mordath that there is a little good news in all their grief, the archer's arm has been broken, so she will be unable to pull her bow for a while. Mordath sends Bohr after Arwyn again, this time warning the troll that he will not be merciful another time.

    While Arwyn is led to the Glade of Heroes by Gareth, and Bohr rushes home to witness (and carry out) the passing of his mother. Mordath continues his plans in the background. Arwyn makes it to Ankhara with Bohr close behind. She and Gareth join the Ankharan resistance, successfully seeing the death of the troll governor, and the recovery of the Ankharan's greatest weapon, the Dawn Sword. Unfortunately for Mordath, Arwyn also finds the second fragment.

    When Mordath's castle's reconstruction was complete, Mordath relights the the torch tower (which has been rebuilt higher than the first) with his own power. Mordath kills the troll soldier who brings the bad news of Ankhara from Bohr, then sets about the process of sending troops to reclaim the city from its flying inhabitants, and setting up yet another new governor. Arwyn, meanwhile, makes her way on her own toward the Wastes of Oudubai to claim another of the fragments. Bohr is still hot on her trail.

    Arwyn gets to Aldinal and discovers that Gareth is still alive, and has beaten her to the city. The two of them also meet up with a former acquaintance and lover of Gareth's, Cassidy. This woman, at cat burglar by trade, informs the pair that she knows where the third fragment of Ayden's arrow is hidden, the Wastes of Oudubai among the Urnethi. Bohr and his men ran across a highwayman who had encountered Arwyn the night before, and puts him in their employ. Bohr figures out that Arwyn is after the fragments, and he knows where the next one is hidden. When Arwyn and company get to Oudubai, Bohr is already there and had called upon the Urnethi to honor their treaty with Mordath and deliver Arwyn to him. This they do, and give him the third fragment as well. Soon though, Gareth and Cassidy escape and attempt to rescue Arwyn. They fail to free her, but are successful in stealing the fragments away.

    Mordath Among the Trolls


    Bohr makes his way back toward Mordath. During the journey, he relates the history of Mordath as he understood its truth. Bohr claimed that troll-kind had long been mistreated by humans; their forests stripped, their lands stolen for farming, their water stolen for livestock and irrigation. The trolls responded with war, at first overcoming the human invaders, but eventually losing the war because of their very nature. Being long-lived, they produced few children, and so had few young to press into service as the humans did. When the trolls found Mordath, most wanted to put him to death. The trolls had only interacted with humans on the battlefield, and so feared and mistrusted the human. Marta, a troll healer and sorceress, convinced them to spare his life, and keep him close to better study and understand their enemy. Mordath was different, however. Because of his mistreatment at the hands of men, he had no love lost for the troll's mortal enemies, and showed no fear of his troll captors. Mordath told the trolls he had found his wife and child butchered by humans, former allies, and so all he wanted was revenge. He became a war leader, uniting the diverse clans of Grinbor trolls for the first time under a common cause. For the first time in memory or knowledge on Quin, the trolls were unified as an army. The trolls followed Mordath with fervor, conquering the Five Lands.

    When Ayden appears and Mordath is slain, all the hopes of troll-kind evaporated like melting snow. Troll-kind becomes anathema throughout all the Five Lands. Now not only downtrodden, but treated like animals or hunted down like criminals with prices on their heads. Being long-lived, the trolls were patient and went into hiding, awaiting their time to rise again. As if they knew Mordath would one day return, they enshrined his body, and kept watch over it day and night. When he did return, they swarmed to his call, conquering the Five Lands faster than they had before.

    While recounting this story, Bohr, Arwyn and the troll soldiers are attacked by a nest of razormouths. All but Arwyn and Bohr are killed, and Arwyn regains her bow during the fight. The two are triumphant over the beasts, but Bohr is forced to retreat and let her live. He gives her her life in exchange for saving his, but promised he will stop her from killing Mordath.

    Assassination Attempt


    While Bohr is making his way back from Oudubai, Mordath has been gathering his trolls armies around him. They flood the fields surrounding his castle, poised to undertake one final, devastatingly bloody sweep through the Five Lands, crushing any resistance remaining. Now that he has conquered essentially the entire world, Mordath finds that he is not satisfied. The taste of victory is like ashes in his mouth, and he begins to question the point of his desires. Now that he is an undead creature, life has lost its savor.

    Unknown to Mordath, a coup attempt is brewing among a small number of his trolls. Down in the bowels of his castle, a contingent of trolls are beginning to question if the warlord who's flag they now follow really is the Mordath of old. Others, too young to remember what Mordath had done for them three centuries before, wonder why troll-kind is following and obeying a mere human. This mutiny is seemingly discovered by Mordath's majordomo, Halk, but it is soon clear he is the mastermind behind the entire scheme. Halk himself, though appreciative of the dominance Mordath has brought to trolls over the Five Lands, does not wish to see it all in the hands of a human.

    The coup's greatest weakness in fighting Mordath is in how to bypass or overcome the humans's Sigil-based powers. How can one who has already died and been resurrected to half-life be killed. Halk offers his conspirators a solution. He presents five vorpal blades to his fellows. These blades are made of dragon's teeth dipped in balefire, which is dragon venom. They believe these blades will kill even one such as Mordath.

    Just as Captain Bohr returns to inform Mordath he has lost Arwyn, Halk sets his plan in motion. Halk appears to Mordath and informs him the Bohr has returned, and wishes to speak with Mordath. In addition, Halk says that Bohr is mortally wounded, and cannot climb the steps to the throne room. Mordath deigns to be taken down to his captain, and is led into a trap. The conspiratorial trolls are lying in wait down at the base of the fortress. As the plan is revealed, Mordath informs Halk that he already expected such a thing, and that his assembly of the tribes was to force Halk into showing his hand. Mordath is not unprepared, but is successfully stabbed in the back, and gravely wounded. The vorpal blades can cause him pain, for which Mordath sincerely thanks Halk. The pain this night is the first feeling he's experience for three hundred years.

    Rising up through the pain and embracing it fully, Mordath unleashes his full fury on his attackers. He disintegrates his enemies, reducing them down to piles of bone and ash. Mordath stands alone on the remains of his foes, pricked and stabbed like a pin cushion with swords. Somehow, Halk has survived, and appears from behind a pillar to throw a vorpal blade at Mordath. Before the majordomo can release the blade, Bohr genuinely arrives and kills him with a flying axe blade.

    Mordath confronts Bohr for not returning with Arwyn. Surprisingly, Bohr lies to Mordath, saying that he lost sight of her during the razormouth attack, and that she is likely dead. He is also misleading in that he makes it sound like the arrow fragments were lost in the same attack rather than being stolen from him by Cassidy. In an unprecedented moment of mercy, Mordath does for Bohr what the troll had done for Arwyn, spared his life after having been saved. Mordath does warns Bohr, "disappoint me again and I will turn your bones to charcoal."

    Unknown to all the players involved, Mordath's lost son Pallias is pulling the strings behind the scenes. It is he that supplied Halk with the vorpal blades. Though he knew the trolls would fail in their scheme, he backed the attempt to test the power and resolve of his undead father. He turns his eyes towards Arwyn and begins to manipulate her movements as well. He plans to use her as a weapon against his despotic parent. Mordath, meanwhile, stokes the fires that have been renewed against him. He determines he will find out who is ultimately behind the attack and enact his revenge.

    Bohr and Mordath begin bearing down on the surviving conspirators. None of the assassins know the name of who gave Halk the blades, and they are unable to find a clue as to the identity of the supplier until Mordath visits Halk's former quarters. There, the emperor finds and ancient mirror dating from five thousand years before his "warm" life began. Mordath breaks the mirror in his anger, a move he would later come to regret. Meanwhile, Arwyn and her companions have taken ship from the coast of the Five Lands, making for the frozen north of Skarnhime. They have many misadventures which are not entirely related here.

    Mordath's Family


    Suffice it to say, Arwyn, Gareth, and Cassidy eventually escape repeated dangers until they come to one of the harem isles. The harem isles are havens of dragon-kind, a place where dragon females congregate, awaiting a visit by a huge male they call the "Great Sire." While searching for a way off the island and back on her way to Skarnhime, Arwyn comes across a mirror with the image of her dead husband and daughter. In reality, it is Pallias, and he coaxes her through the mirror to stand with him. Though not gaining her trust, he tells his side of Mordath's story.

    Pallias tells the story of a brutal freebooter and mercenary who was trying to lose himself in the forests after growing tired of such a violent life. Mordath entered Grinbor and tried to disappear from his former colleagues. Coming across a woman living alone in the woods, Mordath stopped and stayed with her. She takes him, giving him food and lodging in exchange for his doing chores around the homestead. Being around him so long and often, she fell in love with him and took him as all but her husband. She had long been a sorceress, but Mordath mistrusted such things. They struck a bargain in their love, he would bury his swords and she would lay aside her walking of the winding way. Soon, Pallias was born to them, and their lives together seemed complete.

    As the young Pallias grew, it quickly became apparent to his mother that he was naturally adept in the arts of magic. Within a short time, it is clear that Pallias has inbred ability that surpasses that of his mother, so she sets about training him in the arts in secret. She did this if for no other reason than to keep him from harming either himself or some others. Mordath did not agree, and he ran out on them in disgust never to be seen again by his family. Little did they know he would soon step into his destiny as warlord over the trolls. Pallias and his mother were soon set upon by Mordath's former comrades, now enemies, and his mother was slain. Pallias was then taken in by his mother's former mentor, Sorn, and raised fully in the ways of magic. After Mordath's death, Pallias says he vowed to right his father's wrongs, but was ultimately prevented by his father's resurrection. Mordath, when he rose, killed all the magic users he could find upon Quin, save for Marta. Pallias was forced to flee into a pocket dimension and bide his time.

    Arwyn now no longer is sure who to believe, but she is still just as confident that she must destroy Mordath. Arwyn makes it to Skarnhime and gets wrapped up in tracking down and destroying the last Berserker. The Berserkers were created by Mordath's healer Marta so that he could keep a hold over the Iskani trolls of Skarnhime.

    Disaster in Skarnhime


    Mordath sets a new plan in motion as he gazes at a broken image in Halk's broken mirror. He knows he is seeing the face of the one conspiring against him, but little does he know that he is seeing the face of his own son. The despot has learned that the archer is still alive. Bohr has been sent out to retrieve a new player in the game, a half troll-half human woman by name of Khiva. Khiva possesses the best attributes of both races, and puts them to use by becoming one of the best trackers an assassins in all the four lands.

    Mordath commissions Khiva to track down and kill Arwyn and bring him the missing fragments. All Mordath requires as proof is Arwyn's head. Khiva asks for the land of Ankhara in return, a deal to which Mordath eventually agrees. He sends Khiva and Bohr out together to accomplish the task. After the new partners leave, Mordath himself sets out on a journey of his own. He goes to see Marta, but is attacked along the way by some of his own minions who think him a common beggar. After destroying them, Mordath comes upon a baby, which he takes to Marta as proper sacrifice for the ritual he has in mind.

    When Arwyn's party comes upon the Berserker unexpectedly, two of their new Iskani allies are killed. Arwyn brings the bow of Ayden to bear on the creature, but only serves to anger the beast even more. Drawing on it again, Arwyn misses for the first time ever since coming in possession of the great weapon. As it charges directly at her, seeing her as the greatest threat, she stands her ground and waits until the last possible moment and fires again. The hunting party believes the creature dead, but they are mistaken, and it rises again to cause more death. Cunningly, it grabs two Iskani trolls as shields against Arwyn's bow, causing her to hesitate. Gareth and Cassidy rush the creature to get it to drop its hostages. It does so, but throws one of the trolls at Arwyn and she drops the bow. The Berserker grabs it and breaks it in two, causing an explosion of atomic proportions.

    Amazingly, Gareth recovers from the explosion and rescues Cassidy from beneath the forest rubble. Gareth finally declares his love for the cat burglar just as Gustavus bursts from beneath the great piles of wood. They all scramble to find Arwyn, digging frantically through the charred detritus. Coming to the place where Arwyn had been during the explosion, they find her broken bow, but absolutely no trace of the archer herself.

    Unofficial Ending


    When CrossGen Comics suffered bankruptcy, they ceased publication of all titles, leaving their story lines unfinished even though many were near the end. Such was the case with Sojourn, the title in which Arwyn's struggle against Mordath is told. Interestingly, Robert Taylor was slated to be the new writer on the series, and finished two scripts before the company went belly up. He later posted those scripts on a comics web forum, and those events are described below. Keep in mind these are unofficial (even though Robert Taylor himself said that art for the scripts were being produced).

    Gareth continues to search the rubble for Arwyn, refusing to believe she is dead. In his despair, he tells Cassidy he loves Arwyn and she tells him she already knows.

    Pallias seems unsurprised by the events. He orders Dodona to "see" what has happened, but she says she cannot. Pallias snaps a crystal, and Dodona begins to wail as blood comes from her eyes beneath her blindfold. Pallias draws a knife and advances on Dodona and steal her gift of "sight," the final two fragments of Ayden's arrow are in her eyes.

    Mordath has gone to visit Marta. She performs a spell which endows him with the power of the land of Grinnbor. Before she can perform a second spell returning his youth, he is warned by an unknown voice that "she has them Mordath, she is coming to kill you" Mordath begins to return home, and Marta warns him he must return within a week or the energy will consume him.

    Mordath returns, and signals all trolls to come to his castle. They all begin making their way. Pallias continues to chase Dodona and cut the fragments out. Neven is alerted to their fight and goes to investigate. She appears to Gareth and Cassidy who tell her of the broken bow. Neven holds out her hand and the bow appears there, completely repaired. She tells them that Arwyn is alive and captive.

    Pallias and Dodona continue to fight. Arwyn is there. Pallias cuts the fragments from Dodona's eyes and moves toward Arwyn and offers them too her. In horror and disgust, Arwyn can only stare. Neven appears, and kills Pallias with a thrust of her staff through his heart. Arwyn no longer trusts Neven, until the avatar says, "Remember," bringing the archer to her senses.

    Arwyn retrieves all the fragments, and the arrow reforms. Meanwhile, Neven has sent Gareth and Cassidy to the dragon's harem isle. She has arranged for the dragons to act as weapons in an assault against Mordath's castle, an assault led by Gareth.

    Arwyn returns to Gerrindor and retrieves her wedding ring from where she buried it. She calls out to Darian and Neera for strength. Neven whisks Arwyn to Mordath's castle. Mordath is standing atop the castle, Gareth and Cassidy are riding dragon back as the castle is being demolished by the fire drakes. Mordath and his troops fight back, mortally wounding Cassidy's dragon and forcing it to crash near the throne room.

    Arwyn is in Mordath's throne room, searching for him with the arrow knocked on the bow. Mordath apprears directly behind her, grabs her arms and keeps her from firing. Bohr and Khiva appear as Mordath begins to use his power to burn her hands. The bow and arrow fall as Mordath stands triumphant. Cassidy fires a normal arrow into his shoulder to distract Mordath. Cassidy and Khiva draw swords against one another. Arwyn reaches for the bow and arrow. Khiva defeats Cassidy and stabs her through the belly. Arwyn raises her bow as Mordath's hand begins to glow.

    Gareth's dragon bursts in through the stained glass. Gareth and Arwyn kiss then he is hit by a fireball from Mordath. Cassidy recovers enough to retrieve a sword and go after Khiva. Bohr rises up behind the assassin and beheads her, leaving Gareth and Cassidy to escape.

    Arwyn and Mordath face off for the last time. Arwyn fires, and places the arrow deep in his chest. Enormous amounts of energy escapes from his arms, and his head disintegrates. Mordath explodes, taking Arwyn with him.

    Arwyn is next seen all dressed in white in the company of Darian, Neera and Kreeg. Gareth, Cassidy and Bohr search the rubble until they find Arwyn's body. Arwyn is now in complete joy.

    Continuity Problem


    Possibly because of the breakup of CrossGen, there is a major continuity problem which arises. In Negation, Samandahl Rey is seen gathering the Sigil-bearers for the war against Charon. Mordath is among those recruited, leaving this storyline at odds with the unofficial one related above.

    Note on CrossGen Comics

    With the dissolution of CrossGen Comics, Sojourn never finished its storyline. The role Mordath would have played in the coming Negation War is unknown. There is some thought among fans that Arwyn would have been given the Sigil at Mordath's death, and wielded Ayden's bow in the war against Charon and the Negation.


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