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Mind Boggling

This was an awsome issue. Like anyother issue of Morbius, this one ruled. But the real reason I like this issue is because it is the first issue of "morbius" that I bought. the cover art o this issue is awsome. In a way, it is also the first issue of the Midnight sons that I have ever boguht. Just incase you are not familiar with this issue let me summerise it for you.

As we know Morbius is a living vampire who has sworn to feed on the blood of only the wicked since he confronted Ghost Rider and Blaze. Morbius killed Louise Hasting in the last issue and was now possesed by a demon known as Bloodthirst Him and his alter ego started working with Lilth ever since. Now the remaing Midnight Sons which now consist of Caretaker, Ghost Rider, John Blaze, Vicci Montsi, sam Bucanion, Vengence, and Doctor Strange hide out at Stranges Mansion which is soon Invaded by Morbius Which Leads Lilth, Zarathos, and the Lilin. As giant battle takes place with member from both sides, There is an awsome fight between Morbius and Doctor Strange was by far awsome. It was both physical and mental. In the end, Morbius kills Bloodthirst but it left Strange wounded. In the end, Morbius rescues Blade, Drake, Jinx, and Mordred from a tenticaled Lilin. However in the end, Blade persues Morbius in a fight.

Just can't wait to find the next issue which has Vengence on the cover for the Seige of Darkness series. If anyone knows where I can find this issue that would be awsome.

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