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Having been summoned to Michael Morbius' home by Jack Russell, Dr. Strange concludes his mystic examination of Morbius unable to detect a soul. Furious, the Living Vampire flies out his window, leaving the Sorcerer Supreme to tell Jack that the consequences of Louise Hastings' use of a Darkhold spell to stop Switchblade will soon be felt. Then Strange takes his leave.

Jack transforms to the Werewolf in order to climb to the ledge where he finds Morbius brooding. Then the Darkhold Dwarf mysteriously appears to tell Morbius he can attain his heart's desire with a spell from the Darkhold, which currently sits in a safe in Victoria Montesi's home in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Despite Jack's warning, Morbius flies off toward Pennsylvania. He succeeds in finding the proper spell, then returns to the New York cemetery where Martine Bancroft lies buried, as the Dwarf instructed.

Morbius reads the spell, but instead of becoming human as he'd hoped, Martine rises from her grave.

Soon, they are met by a pack of hellhounds which are, unknown to Morbius, under the command of the entity within Martine's body. The Living Vampire battles the beasts, while 'Martine' feigns desperation and fear.

Meanwhile, in New Hope, the Darkhold Redeemers discover the missing page, and Victoria Montesi senses the use of the spell. They prepare to head for New York.

Elsewhere, Lilith finds her plans proceeding.

Back in the cemetery, Morbius kills two of the hellhounds, and the rest run into town to wreak havok on human victims. Unable to stand by, Morbius gives chase and attacks the hellhounds. Martine follows and reduces her hounds to bones, then floats away, telling Morbius he's not yet worthy of her.

Later, in his apartment, Hastings, Montesi and Sam Buchanan confront a rueful Morbius. The vampire also tells them, "Something terrifying is on the horizon."

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