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Dawn comes, and with no memories of the previous night's activities, Morbius returns to his home to get some rest.

That night, while Ghost Rider, Frank Drake, Sam Buchanan and Louise Hastings discuss what to do about the possessed Blade, now known as Switchblade, their erstwhile ally continues his crusade. He has just killed a clairvoyant and absorbed her powers, added to those of his previous victims, John Blaze, Hannibal King, Modred and the Demogoblin.

Shortly, Michael Morbius (working in his guise as Dr. Morgan Michaels at St. Jude's Memorial Hospital) takes a call from Drake informing him about Switchblade and asking him to join the remaining Midnight Sons at Dr. Strange's Sanctum.

As Morbius leaves his office, his flirtatious assistant Mandy informs him Jack Russell is there to see him. With the night approaching, Morbius rushes from the hospital, shedding his human appearance, while Jack transforms into the Werewolf. Morbius feels his thirst for blood coming on, but the Werewolf suggests he embrace his animalistic side in hopes of finding balance as he did. Their rooftop discussion is interrupted by Switchblade and a fight erupts. Morbius tackles Switchblade and his momentum carries them over the edge and through the pavement below into the sewers. The Werewolf follows as the former vampire hunter slashes Morbius' back.

Then, whilethe wounded Morbius struggles with the Lilin presence within him, Switchblade blows up the lycanthrope with one of Demogoblin's bombs. Turning his attention back to the Living Vampire, he spears Morbius, pinning him to the sewer wall.

Left for dead by his former ally, the Lilin within distends Morbius' body, freeing him from the spear. He follows and attacks Switchblade, who then turns and incinerates Morbius with Hellfire. His consciousness now in an afterlife, Morbius meets Martine, whose face becomes demonic.

Ghost Rider, Drake, Buchanan and Hastings finally arrive on the scene to confront Switchblade in final battle.


Blade appeared in the form of Switchblade.


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