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    The story opens in Manhattan, where Morbius has feed on another helpless victim. Though at first satisfied of his thirst, he is later digusted at his actions. While this is happening, across town Lilth, Blackout, and Pilgrim arrive at the goth club known as the Limelight to recruit two other Lilin known as Fang and Nakota.

    Down in Time Square, Ghost Rider and Blaze seek Martine Bancroft who is at this time looking for her ex-love Morbius. She says she found a doctor that cure him. Little does she know, but Doctor Langford is actually trying to kill Morbius.

    The next day, Ghost Rider, Blaze, Martine, and Langford set out to find Morbius Finding him, Morbius nearly gets away until he is stunned by Blaze's Hellfire and grabbed by Ghost riders chain.

    Meanwhile back at Langford's office, the Lilin Fang mixes some of his demon blood with the poison false cure that is ment for Morbius.

    Back at the lab Morbius is injected with the false cure with the demon blood. Instead of killing him, Morbius starts mutating and escapes the lab. He hides out at his friend Jacob's lad. He later learns what has happened to him. That night Morbius goes to Trash and guadville to exchange his old Dracula outfit for a gothic leather body suit.

    Back at the lab, Martine finds out that Langford was working for Mr Paine and was trying to kill Morbius. Langford shot Martine. Minutes later Morbius enters the lab to find samples of the Deadly cure but stumbles upon a dead Martine. Her dripping blood drives him to drink from her but stops. He can't take harming the innocent anymore. He then kills Mr Paine's guards and the kills Langford by sucking his blood dry. Right before the lab explodes, Morbius takes the false cure.

    He then meets up with Ghost rider and makes and pledge to only trink the blood of the corrupt. He then flies away.

    Meanwhile back at the Limelight, threw Nakota's eyes, Lilth sees that she failed with Morbius and decides to seek out Victoria Montesi.

    Mean while, Morbius's attacks make the paper which catches the attention of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.


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