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    Granddaughter of The Atomic Sub, Moray Talbot became a superhero in her own right experiments with hydroglcerine enabling her to breath underwater.

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     Granddaughter of the Atomic Sub, Moray Talbot became a superhero in her own right when experiments with hydroglcerine enabled to breathe underwater. Rather than have an andriod body like her grandfather, or a complete blood tansfusion like like their pet, Bubbles the sea-monkey, Moray simply takes a hydroglycerine capsule. This enabled her to extract oxygen from seawater for up to one hour, apparently without the side affects suffered by the Atomic Sub and Bubbles. She had no super powers, but seemed to be expert oceanographer, and a strong swimmer. In her first appearance she traveled on the back of a tame whale. Moray and Bubbles became charter members of the Whizz Kids, junior partners of the Round Table of America, and were present when The Atomic Sub died when saving the world. She has a long standing romantic relationship with her fellow Whizz Kid, Cyclone. By the mid 1980's, Moray had been missing for three years and, prompted by the death of Bubbles, Cyclone quit as leader of the adult Whizzards team to look for her. It has yet to be revealed what became of her.


    Amphibious - able to breath underwater.

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