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Randolph Dering is the deformed son of Lord Edwin and Lady Mary Dering of England.  Randolph suffers from two recessive genetic disorders that appear every few generations in  the Dering bloodline. Randolph's first condition, Rachitis, caused his body to be severely misshapen; giving him elongated limbs, a deformed face, and a hunchback. His second condition, Naevus Pilosis, caused him to grow excessive hair all over his body.  As a result, Randolph looked less like a human and more like a shaggy deformed creature similar to Bigfoot or the Himalayan Yeti.  
Embarrassed by their son's condition, Lord and Lady Dering hid Randolph out on the moors in an abandoned chapel on the outskirts of their grounds. They sent a serving girl from the manor to bring him food each day but otherwise left Randolph to grow up alone, secluded from the rest of the world.  Despite his parent’s cruelty, Randolph lived a quite gentle life on the moors. Unfortunately, his monstrous appearance sparked tales of a "Moorland Monster" amongst the frightened and ignorant villagers.  

Mayor Story

Against Dracula

While on the run from the vampire hunters Rachel Van Helsing, Taj Nital, and Frank Drake, Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, found himself out on the moors Randolph called home. There, Dracula attacked and fed upon the serving girl who brought Randolph his food. Randolph soon found the young girl's body and carried her back to his chapel home. Meanwhile, Dracula's fellow vampire Lenore stalked and killed a young man in the nearby village. 
The villagers first impression was to blame the Moorland Monster for these deaths, and although it quickly became clear that Dracula was to blame, the thought of Randolph being the killer scared Lord Dering enough to disclose his family secret to the trio of vampire hunters.

The heroes tracked Dracula through the moors, to an abandoned castle. Dracula ambushed the group and quickly knocked out Taj. The vampire then turned his attention to Frank and Rachel, and after over-powering them, he entombed them in a dungeon-like pit, sealing it  with a massive metal plate. There was little hope for their survival since the plate could only be moved by someone who possessed Dracula's inhuman strength.  

Believing that they would starve to death in this tomb, Frank and Rachel confessed their love and kissed for the first time. To their surprise, the massive plate opened to reveal Randolph, who lowered a rope down to them. Apparently Randolph's monstrous physique provided him with strength to rival even Dracula himself. As the two vampire hunter's thanked him, Randolph appreciated being treated like a man and not a monster.  When the party returned to the Dering mansion, Rachel chastised Lord and Lady Dering for treating their own son so hideously.    


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