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    Moonstone Books is an American comic book company based in Chicago, Illinois. They claim to “publish fine and distinct comic books, graphic novels, prose…books that are meant to be read.”

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    The company began in 1995 publishing creator-owned comics and has continued to do so. In 2001 they began to publish works based on open license properties as well as collecting a notable collection of licensed properties, they have also brought back a number of public domain pulp characters such as Secret Agent X, The Phantom Detective, Lady Domino, and Airboy.

    Moonstone is now the owner of classic properties such as The Avenger, Doc Savage, and the sci-fi cult classic Buckaroo Banzai. They secured the rights to the toy line Captain Action and publish comics based on that character, as well as the character Lady Action. Additionally, they publish several titles based upon the White Wolf RPG universe World of Darkness and offer several other titles available in many genres including action, horror, thriller, mystery, western and humor.

    If your local shop doesn’t carry Moonstone Books publications you can send them to , or feel free to order via their web-store.

    One of their innovations is a new style of presenting graphic stories which they call Wide-View, which consists of basically a text story situated above and below a thick strip of art with which runs though the middle, no word balloons are used. This style is currently seen in the title The Spider, The Avenger, and now The Phantom.

    Moonstone is publishing Golden Age characters from Fiction House, Hillman, Popular Publications, and a few others

    Airboy (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Airfighters Bald Eagle (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Black Angel (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Flying Dutchman (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Flying Fool (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Iron Ace (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Sky Wolf (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Valkyrie (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Heap (Hillman, Moonstone)

    Black Bat (Nedor, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Captain Action (DC, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Captain Satan (Popular Publications, Moonstone)

    Captain Future (Nedor, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Captain Zero (Popular Publications, Moonstone)

    Domino Lady (Fiction House, Moonstone)

    Dr. Evil (DC, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Freelance (Double A Comics)

    G-8 (Popular Publications, Moonstone)

    Ghost aka Green Ghost (Nedor, Moonstone)

    Green Hornet and Kato (Holyoke, Harvey, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Green Lama (Prize, Spark, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    I. V. Frost (Street and Smith, Moonstone)

    Johnny Canuck (Bell Features Syndicate, Moonstone)

    Moon Man (Ace Magazines, Moonstone)

    Operator No. 5 (Popular Publications, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Phantom Detective (Nedor, Moonstone)

    Rocketman Republic Pictures 1949

    The Saint (Novelty Press, Moonstone)

    Secret Six (Popular Publications, Moonstone)

    X the Phantom Fed (Ace Magazines, Moonstone)

    Captain Action (DC, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Captain Midnight (Fawcett, Moonstone, Dark Horse)

    Dr. Evil (DC, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Lothar (King Features, Marvel, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Mandrake the Magician (King Features, Marvel, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    The Phantom (King Features, Marvel, DC, Moonstone, Dynamite)

    Death Angel

    Decimator Smith

    Gladiator (Pulp novels)

    Ki-Gor, The Jungle Lord (Fiction House, Moonstone)

    Skull Killer

    Golden Amazon (Toronto Star Weekly, Moonstone)


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