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Kiana was a young girl and hunter in Alaska during the 11th century. During that time and at that age she was collected by the Goddesses of Earth. She had been collected to assemble alongside fellow humans selected and empowered to become collectively known as the Young Gods. The Godesses of the Earth were recruiting fine specimen of humanity to present to the Celestials at the time of their next judgement. If the specimen were deemed worthy, humanity would be allowed to survive and further achieve their potential. If not they would be eliminated. They were in preparation for the coming of the Celestials in their Forth Host. Kiana represented humanity's potential given her hunting skills. Numbering in the dozen, the Young Gods were offered by Gaea acting on behalf of the goddesses to the Celestials, examples of the great potential in humanity. Arishem the Judge would accept the Young Gods and give a favorable verdict towards Earth and humanity and then the Celestials would depart taking the Young Gods with them to the Celestial Mothership. Enhanced by the Celestials, Kiana would adopt the name Moonstalker.


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Moonstalker is a Marvel comic book character. Created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, Keith Pollard and Gene Day she first appears in Thor #300 released in 1980. Many of the details of the character are first introduced in Spectacular Spider-Man #8 released in 1998. The character would also receive substantial development in the Marvel Comics Presents series.

Character Evolution

Moonstalker is a member of the Young Gods, alongside many others such as Bright Sword, Caduceus, Calculus, Daydreamer, Genii, Harvest, Highnote, Mindsinger, Sea Witch, Splice, Varua. The twelve share many similarities.

All twelve were ordinary humans chosen by the Goddesses of Earths pantheons under the direction of the Elder Goddess Gaea. All twelve were chosen as for representing a certain particular ideal of humanity. Moonstalker for example hunting. All twelve were created to serve in a story that came into fruition starting with Thor #300, which dealt with various Earth pantheons confrontations with the mysterious Jack Kirby creations the Celestials.

Major Story Arcs

Return to Earth

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Upon the Celestial Starship, Moonstalker had become a student of Katos, as had five of her fellow Young Gods, Caduceus, Calculus, Genii, Harvest, and Varua. The other six Young Gods, Bright Sword, Daydreamer, Highnote, Mindsinger, Sea Witch, Splice, were to become the students of Juniper. Both Katos and Juniper were servants of the Celestials and would as a duty be the mentors of the Young Gods. Katos would favor teaching the philosophy and practice of defense and defensive measures, where as Juniper would teach and impart wisdom and teachings for more offensive combat skills. Daydreamer the Canadian Young God with the abilities of precognition and telepathy would learn of the High Evolutionary's plans for humanity after her powers alerted her to the High Evolutionary's attempts to observe the Young Gods.

Daydreamer as well as the rest of the Young Gods taught by Juniper decided to take aggressive actions against the High Evolutionary. Katos students including Moonstalker would disagree with this course of action, and following their peers to Earth the two groups of Young Gods would clash in physical confrontation. However when Daydreamer would attempt to subdue Calculus by projecting psychically into his brain, she would injure him more than she had meant to, seriously incapacitating him. She and the rest of Juniper's Young Gods students would stand down after that incident bringing the conflict to an end. Caduceus would use his restorative healing powers to heal Calculus.

Major Story Arcs

War with the Eternals

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After years of waiting on the silent and unmoving Celestials for a sign, the Young Gods go mad and descend into deviant behavior for the hopes of even the slightest acknowledgement. They then decide that the Celestials must wish for them to use their powers and act on their own. Upon deciding this, the group left the Celestials' spacecraft and returned to Earth, where they intended to use the consciousness of all humans on the planet to create a new Celestial. They decide to start with the island nation of Madripoor and extend outwards. Upon learning of this, the Eternals, who were unaffected by the Young Gods' power to drain consciousness, encountered and attempted to stop them. Both Moonstalker and Harvest attempt to subdue Makkari the Eternal and he is subdued after chasing after Moonstalker and into a trap lade out by Harvest. Eventually, the Eternals convince Varua that the Celestials may have been testing them with their silence and coming to Earth may be the wrong choice. While Varua hesitates to ponder the possibility of being wrong, she is killed and Moonstalker and the other Young Gods who had not been killed during battle with the Eternals immediately fall to the ground, seemingly dead.

Characteristics and Appearance

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 124 lbs

Identity: Secret Identity

Citizenship: Alaska, United States

Marital Status: Single

Base Of Operations: Earth-616, The Celestials' mother-ship, formerly Alaska

Relatives: Unnamed father (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)

Powers and Abilities

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Moonstalker is a superhuman speedster and can run and fly at extremely fast speeds. The terminal velocity she can reach has yet to be defined, but the Eternal Makkari is shown trailing her during a race, indicating that MoonStalker can most likely exceed MACH 5 within Earth's atmosphere.

Kiana also has the ability to blend into her surroundings, invisible to the naked eye. Her agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. Her reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Due to her training when she was a "human", Kiana is also an expert hunter who was trained at an early age on survival skills. She is also an excellent tracker and due to her enhanced senses with her enhanced talents. Kiana has spent much time traveling the diverse and dangerous landscape of the Inuit Alaskan landscape and is a gifted ranger and tracker. She can navigate and survive nearly any form of terrain and hunt down almost any quarry. She is also adept at covering her tracks and leaving little trace of her passing.


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