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Moonshadow's narration of his early life begins with a quote from Yeats.

He tells of how he was locked in Jobidiah Unkshuss's Home for Miscreants and Madmen, where he meets an alien claiming to be King Macha, lord of the interstellar empire they are in. Moon sees a vision of his alien G'L-Doses father, who simply watches and does not rescue him. However, Ira, who got him locked up in the first place, breaks Moon out after realizing Moon put their ship in hock and he can't escape in it without Moon's help.

While Moon is overjoyed at seeing Ira, who he sees as a father figure, Ira just wants to use him. He puts Moon to work in menial jobs to make enough money to get the ship back, but boozes all the cash away. He then forces Moon to steal a famous giant egg in an attempt to get the money. Moon rebels, as his mother taught him stealing was very wrong, based on an event in her own youth. Ira's will prevails, however, and they go through with the crime. When they are almost caught, Ira knocks Moon out and runs off, leaving Moon despairing from the betrayal.

Moon has a vision of his mad Aunt Ettie, who flies him over the city and tempts him with the bliss of insanity. Moon rejects it for the pain of reality, and finds Ira, whereupon they are both caught by the police.

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