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The recap page includes a variety of humorous quotes from a book called "Remembering Moonshadow," that continue to play with the idea that Moonshadow is a figure of great fame in his universe, and perhaps an unreliable narrator as well. His own beginning quote in the issue, as he narrates the story of his life as a youth, comes from Samuel Beckett'sWaiting for Godot (the actual one, not the parody from some of previous issues' recap pages).

After Ira's record-setting debauchery at the Interplanetary House of Tarts, Moon and Ira are kicked out and captured by minions of Pobidiah Unkshuss. While they are being brought to his headquarters, Ira finally opens up to Moon about his origin, but soon it becomes clear than he still can't quite tell the truth, and instead wraps it in several conflicting stories.

Moon and Ira are chained up in the dungeons, where Pobidiah acts as Grand Inquisitor, trying to force them to confess their sins (against his own "holy" will). Moon, who by this time has lost all the innocence of his early days, laughs with cynicism. He is visited by visions of his mad Aunt Ettie, his namesake the elder Moonshadow, and by his G'L-Doses father, but rejects all of them.

Pobidiah tells Moon that he is the one behind Gaylord's death, and prepares to shoot Moon in the head. Ira, however, breaks them free, and Moon picks up Pobidiah's gun, shooting him.

Pobidiah isn't killed, but Moon is distraught over what he did. With the help of Flobidiah and Queen Dibbich, who both manage to assert their independence against Pobidiah, Moon and Ira escape. Queen Dibbich regains the throne, and the Unkshusses are put into jail.

Then one day, they receive a letter that supposedly comes from Lord Gaylord, saying that he's alive.

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