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    wolfrider, whose recognised partner is strongbow of the original wolfriders in elfQuest by Richard and Wendy Pini

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    Devotion to Strongbow

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    Moonshade & Strongbow are the exemplification of the elven concept of Recognition . The couple prefers to communicate only via "sending" (telepathy). Their bond has grown deep and has remained through the entire saga of elfQuest. In the original issue #8, Strongbow shoots down one of the Gliders's large attack hawks. After Strongbow is captured, Moonshade also offers herself. Lifemated to Strongbow, they have two children: Dart and Chitter.

    Loyalty and Seniority

    Moonshade is a senior member of the wolfriders. She is strongbow's companion and she is an expert tanner of animal skins. She is not the wolfriders' strongest female fighter, carrying only her tanner's knife, but she is dependable in the hunt. Though Moonshade bears strong objections during council, to the exclusion of others, she is crucial in keeping the wolfriders in one pack.

    Crescent is the mother of Moonshade, and in remembrance, perhaps, Moonshade wears a pendant with two crescents, each representing the Greater and Lesser moon of World of Two Moons. Others say that the double cresent represents Dart & Strongbow, strudent defenders of their respective tribes: Wolfriders and Sun Villagers.


    Her eldest child, Dart, chose to separate from the Wolfriders during early adolescence, electing to train the Sun Villagers how to defend themselves. Through Dart, Moonshade is the grandmother of a boy named Bowki.


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