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    A comet’s radiation turned astronaut Brice Rogers into the super-powered villain, the Moonman.

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    A pilot working for NASA, Brice Rogers was hurled into space as part of a mission to investigate man's endurance. During his trip around the moon he was bathed in kryptonite radiation by a passing comet, and was physiologically altered, becoming the superhuman criminal Moonman.


    Brice Rogers was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. He made his first appearance in World's Finest Comics #98.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    The Silver Age introduced the character's presumed current origins and powers. During this Age his criminality was temporary, and he was reformed.

    Modern Age

    The character was reintroduced, apparently having returned to a life of crime.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Menace of the Moonman

    When bathed by the moon's light, Moonman is driven to commit crimes. Attempting to steal a silver chariot, he is confronted by Superman, Batman and Robin. Due to his radiation he easily defeats Superman, and is able to hold Batman and Robin off using his enhanced strength. Rogers attempts to seek help from the heroes, but transforms into the Moonman, defeats the heroes and returns to crime. Distraught by his inability to control his nighttime actions, he attempts to turn himself in, but is kidnapped by a pair of crooks hoping to use him for their own gain. The next morning he turns himself over to the heroes, who discover that the effects of the radiation are temporary. He helps them capture the crooks who kidnapped him, and returns to his life.

    The Last Laugh of Lady Lunar

    Living in Gotham, Rogers is approached by Superman and Batman, who are being troubled by Lady Lunar, a villain with similar powers to his own as the Moonman. He is unable to assist


    Moonman is among the prisoners who are held and abused at Stryker's Island. He gets pneumonia twice, and has a lung collapse as a result of his second illness.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rogers had his physiology altered by a kryptonite comet, and whenever he is bathed in moonlight he is driven mad, becomes superhumanly strong, gains control over magnetism and the tides, and emits low-level kryptonite radiation.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Moonman rides a stolen silver chariot.


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