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    Moonhunter formerly worked alongside Dredmund Druid and, after crossing paths with Captain America, became a member of the Avengers personal support staff. He is a master pilot, and an occasional werewolf hunter.

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    Not much is known about Zachary Moonhunter before working for Dredmund Druid while under the villain's mind control. Moonhunter would act as a trainer and enforcer under Dredmund Druid. Moonhunter first came into conflict with Captain America and Doctor Druid when a number of werewolves were attacking and killing individuals in a small town.


    Zachary Moonhunter is a Marvel character created by Mark Gruenwald, first appearing in Captain America #402.

    Character Evolution

    Initially introduced and an unwilling villain, Zachary Moonhunter's identity was uncovered after being overpowered by a pack of werewolves and with Dr. Druid's help, regained his mental control and assited in defeating his former employer/master. He went on to become a trusted pilot for Captain American.

    Major Story Arcs

    During an investigation, Captain America and Doctor Druid were attacked by Ferocia. She managed to hurt Doctor Druid but Moonhunter intervened and apprehended her. He then took Ferocia to Nightshade who was conducting a number of experiments on werewolves for Dredmund Druid. Moonhunter also apprehended other super beings with wolflike powers like John Jameson, Wolfsbane and Jack Russel.

    Brainwashed Bad Guy Gone Good Pilot
    Brainwashed Bad Guy Gone Good Pilot

    Wolverine also investigated the incidents with the werewolves and came into conflict with Moonhunter. Captain America led a pack of werewolves and they took down Moonhunter. They removed his mask and discovered his true identity as Zachary Moonhunter. Doctor Druid helped Moonhunter regain his mental control and together they all defeated Dredmund Druid.

    Afterwards, Moonhunter would help Captain America on numerous occassions and become his personal pilot working alongside the Avengers. He also joined Captain America's group Stars and Stripes with Jack Flag and Free Spirit.

    After Captain America died, Moonhunter hasn't been seen since.


    Moonhunter is a skilled fighter who used a number of gadgets and weapons at his disposal. He is also a skilled pilot.

    His gear includes a custom mauser c96 with a shrouded hammer, a double barrel shotgun that can fire either standard twelve gauge shells or bolts, a lasso, and a knuckleduster like dart gun that fires when a button on the top of the device is pressed by a thumb. Due to his status as a sometime werewolf hunter, it can be assumed these weapons use silver ammunition.

    A master aviator, he drives a custom built hovercraft that resembles more a bike than other vehicles of its kind.

    He wears a suit of lightweight steel armor under his leather jacket and pants, as a well as a specially designed facemask, which is also steel.

    Physical Characteristics

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 175 lbs (80kg)

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Black

    Citizenship: American


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