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    A modern day Robinhood, the woman calling herself Moonbow is the bow slinging heroine who battled crime cartels briefly until her early retirement.

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    Moonbow is a minor character created by Gerry Conway and Joe Brozowski and DC Universe primarily Fury of Firestorm #48 and 49 in 1986.

    Major Story Arcs

    Enter the Firestorm

    Bree Brandon meets Ron Raymond
    Bree Brandon meets Ron Raymond

    A fairly brief outing as a superhero, the one-shot heroine calling herself Moonbow made her debut as a arrow shooting bowslinger. Her real name is Brittany Brandon, a classmate and onetime romantic interest of Ron Raymond, who would form half the Firestorm gestalt entity. She dreaded facing the boring and routine life as the future head of her family's corporation.

    As she became a young adult, her interests evolved toward theatre, and she applied to Vandemeer U. due to their reputed drama studies department. However, familial expectations meant that she took her major in business studies, which she found insufferably boring. She joined the drama club and got a part in their production of Pirates of Penzance, but was otherwise bored out of her mind.

    Craving the adrenalin driven excitement of adventure, Bree fashioned a costume, cut and dyed her hair platinum, and took up her bow and arrows. Deciding to play vigilante in the guise of the vigilante Moonbow she planed to secretly raid two of Pittsburgh's crime families at nightfall. Brandon extensively scouted the operations of the two main Pittsburgh mobs. She spotted their schedule to round money up from their rackets and laundering activities was amazingly regular. Moonbow decided to hit the cash transportation teams. Pittsburgh having no history of vigilante-adventurers, the mobsters were caught completely cold and after several successful forays Brandon ended up with three bags full of large bills.

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    Soon both mobs and the Pittsburgh PD reacted poorly to Moonbow, neither wanting her to go any further in her activites. The PD deputized Firestorm, he had himself recently started operating in town. This was done to legally give him the same authority catch her, but Brandon managed to elude him and went home with the money.

    Moonbow attempted to play a modern day Robin Hood by sneaking in and stealing from one of the Dons private estate's but quickly got into trouble. Having herself discovered by the Dons bodyguards and getting shot in the arm Moonbow was captured. Getting shot was a shock for Bree suddenly, it wasn’t a cool and thrilling game anymore and she was going to die. Shackling her and hoisting her over the Dons pool they made her the star attraction at a pool party. Bree soon found herself in over her head, fortunately Firestorm arrived just in time to rescue her from the possible death trap. As her face paint washed off Firestorm recognized her as his classmate Bree and let her go with a warning, figuring she wouldn't be causing trouble at least until her arm healed. Brittany did a bit better than that and retired her brief costumed identity having had more than enough excitement for a very long time.

    Attack of the Amazons

    For whatever reason Moonbow would later make a brief return as part of Circe's all villianess army battling Wonder Woman and her forces of heroines. he remainder of Brandon’s career is unknown - including whether she resumed being Moonbow. However, when Wonder Woman assembled an all-female strike force to retake New York City in 2001, Brittany Brandon was among her troops, in full Moonbow costume and armament and not looking much the same. She appeared to be unsolved and indecisive about being among Circe's army, possibly questioning the idea of being a villain and no longer a hero.

    Powers and Abilities

    Moonbow is an college level athlete, with skills in gymnastics due to years and years of training. She has fair hand-to-hand skills as a combatant, utilizing her tumbling expertise while taking on adversaries. She has also exhibited superior agility and surprising strength. She can use the “rooftop express” - quickly crossing dense urban areas using acrobatics and a swing-line. She’s also a gifted archer, able to make trick shots and utilize various traditional and compound bows. She is also a competent drama student.


    Apparently Bree builds her own gear - she took extensive shop classes in high school in order to do just that. Moonbow carries a compact steel alloy compression bow and a quiver of trick and hunting arrows and varies her use on the situation.

    Attributes and Appearance

    Marital Status: Single

    Known Relatives: Unnamed father (deceased), unnamed cousins

    Group affiliation: None

    Base Of Operations: Pittsburgh (at that point, the student dorm at Vandemeer University)

    Height: 5‘8” Weight: 130 lbs

    Eyes: Blue Hair: Auburn, dyes her hair Platinum (wears a long red wig as Bree)


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