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    Laurel, the Moon Maiden, was a member of the original JLA but was erased from history, along with her foe the Centurian. Years later, their existence reinstated itself in reality and she joined the new JLA to battle the Centurian once more.

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    Story Arc

    Moon Maiden from her
    Moon Maiden from her "Secret Origin Issue"

    A man named Hugh Klein was an astronaut on Apollo XXV. When he reached the moon, Hugh discovered an ancient Roman temple with a baby girl inside. He was then surround by ghostly figures in Roman garb. They call themselves the Hundred, and explained how they were a group of pacifist scholars who fled Rome during the time of the emperors, using alchemy to travel to the moon. They attempted to create the perfect being, a hero to spread their ideals, but they accidentally created the villain known as the Centurian instead. To correct for this mistake, they created a child they called the "Praemonstra Supra", meaning "She Who Will Point the Way', the baby girl girl now resting in the temple. Hugh returned to Earth with the infant girl, and he and his wife Jenny, were allowed to adopt and raise the infant, whom they named Laura.

    When Laura turned 16, she learned she could fly and control the gravitational pull of the moon on objects. Her parents explained Laura's origins to her, and she traveled to the temple on the moon where she was found, known as the Lunar Villa. There the spirits of the Hundred explained her origin and their purpose to them. At this point Laura embarked on her career as Laurel, the Moon Maiden.

    She soon made many friends among the superhero community and joined the Justice League. She also worked with the Teen Titans. Soon she found herself embroiled in conflict with the man she was created to stop, the Centurian. During one of these battles, he used a device called an Erasure Weapon, which was capable of erasing a person from time. After erasing individuals from existence, all the effects of their being, including the memory of them, would fade.

    Moon Maiden, along with the remaining Justice League, Teen Titans, and Infinity Inc., launched a last ditch offensive against the Centurian. In an act of heroic self-sacrifice, Moon Maiden, levitated herself and the Centurian high into the sky, and there destroyed his weapon, causing a great explosion and removing the two of them from history. Only Hugh Klein was able to recall his daughter and the events that had occurred.

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    Moon Maiden eventually returned along with the Centurian as his captive. Hugh was able to reawaken the memories of Laura in members of the Justice League, and together they were able to free her from the Centurian's thrall and stop his plans of conquest. Afterward, she felt somewhat lost, as most of the world still forgot her, but she decided to rediscover the world which was now new to her.


    • Gravity Manipulation: Moon Maiden can increase the moon's gravitational pull on objects here on Earth, causing them to rise as if weightless. She can use the power to fly as well. She can also focus gravitational energies into energy blasts of concussive force.
    • Lunar Madness: Moon Maiden can create spheres of energy around a person, casing the person to have flashbacks of painful memories, or experience moments of insanity. If she willed it, she could leave her victims permanently insane.

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