A Very Mooney Christmas

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I while back I used to write for a site that chose a different character each week to write a one-page comic script for. On the Christmas of 2010, the character picked was Santa Claus, and I thought you guys might be interested in what I wrote :)


Marc Spector and his close friends are sitting in the living room of his expensive penthouse apartment, all in high spirits. Jean-Paul and Rob are snuggling up on one sofa, Crawley is laying back on a recliner, and Marlene is on the adjacent sofa from which Marc has just risen. In the background is a large Christmas tree.

MARC: I'll be right back. This egg nog is going right through me.


Side view of Marc washing his hands in the bathroom sink.

KHONSHU (OP): It's a nice setup you've got out there, Killer.

MARC: I'm pretty sure you weren't invited.

KHONSHU (OP): Don't be like that...


Marc is looking in the mirror at Khonshu standing behind him, looking like Santa.

KHONSHU: ... I even dressed for the occasion.

MARC: Can't you just leave me alone for this one day?


Marc has turned around and is facing Santa-Khonshu.

KHONSHU: Why do you even care? You don't believe in that stuff.

MARC: But they do.

MARC: Have you seen how happy they all are out there?

MARC: I do it for them.


Marc is walking past Santa-Khonshu towards the door.

MARC: Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to them.

KHONSHU: But I haven't given you your present yet.


Close up of Marc's hand, reaching for the door-knob.

MARC (OP): Whatever it is, I doubt I'd want it.


Marc is standing alone in the bathroom. He is in shock, having just pulled the door off its hinges.


KHONSHU (OP): Oh, I think you will.

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Watch out Batman!!! :)

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Oh, that is genius.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Oh, that is genius.

Thanks :)

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Pretty cool. Do you write comics like this regularly?

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@JSH92: I used to. I was part of a website called Thoughtballoons and would write these one-page scripts every week. I left over a year ago as the character choices were getting more and more obscure and I could never come up with any ideas. Having said that, I just wrote a Nightcrawler script there the other day :)

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@Danial79: That's a pretty good one too. Obscure characters? Was that how you found out about Moon Knight? lol

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@JSH92: haha Nah. A lot of the guys there were into indie books, so started choosing characters from them. I've read very little outside of Marvel and DC and so found it near impossible to come up with stories for them.

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