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When you see me coming? Run.

I'd like to start off by saying that you should go and buy this book, now. I got it for like 10$ from Amazon, it'd be rather silly if you passed it up.

It's pretty clear Ellis clearly wanted to do something special here, and he did. The neat thing is that he didn't really want to redefine Marc or heroes in general, what he wanted to accomplish is pretty clear once you finish the book, he wanted to define Moon Knight. He didn't want to take him into a radically different direction that would leave die-hard fans scratching there heads bamboozled.
He takes him into the direction the fans DREAMED for, not interested in bringing in years of complex continuity he makes everything simple while still displaying an expert's grasp on the character he is writing about. But not all of the credit goes to Ellis, because as you'll learn in just a few sentences Ellis left a lot of work to Shalvey. But before we go onto that I would like to say one more thing about the writing side of things; it's incredibly immersive, from the dialogue to the mood the words set (Though it's pretty clear that the art helps set that mood too.)

Shalvey had a hell of a year, from working with Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to Moon Knight: From the dead. His art is detailed enough to clearly show you what's going on but not too detailed, in the way that it would explicitly show you blood and guts. That's actually pretty commendable when you think about it, no? Declan also uses the perfect amount of shading, again commendable. Let's also give some praises to his better half (as far as I know), Jordie Bellaire, expert colourer(-er?). Declan has to show a lot of emotion and and action because as I said Ellis leaves a lot of the work to him, and that's not a bad thing. We wouldn't want Ellis' stupid words covering up purty art, right?

Moon Knight fights ghosts, kicks the asses of many, many men, visits the dream world, and the Black Specte returns. Come and see what Ellis does with Moon Knight, I guarantee you, you'll be entertained the whole time!

(Minor gripe: At the end of the book there's just a couple of variant covers. Now while this doesn't really matter much I would of liked to see a script or something.)

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