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If I described it as rip-snorting, would I sound like an idiot?

Once again, Brian Michael Bendis is proving that his run on Moon Knight is going to be a notable one, alongside Alex Maleev's incredible art. Although this issue doesn't actually provide what the solicit promises, I was still pleased with it. It's a nice breather between the previous issue and what looks to be the next amazing arc.
One of my criticisms of some of the previous issues was that we weren't seeing enough of Marc's TV show in effect. Here, we get a nice scene (with a good nod to Moon Knight's first appearance) showing a bit of his work on the show. Whilst it was short, I was still pleased that it was put in, and the way it ends on Moon Knight being "approached" by his personalities was done well. It gives an excuse for Marc to get into costume, and for a second we see Marc panic, a little hint that he might not be in as much control of the personalities as he wishes.
Until the cliffhanger, which I won't spoil (although it's good), most of the rest of Moon Knight's work in this issue is just him and Echo going around to Nefaria's clubs and shutting them down. It sounds simple, but it's effective for working as a bit of a background event whilst some focus is on the policemen dealing with the aftermath of last issue. 
Overall, I'm very happy with this issue. The characters are being used well, and whatever bumpy start the series had seems to have been lost now that everything's set up. The only real criticism I have, other than the fact that the solicit lied, is that early on in the issue Moon Knight uses an energy version of Captain America's shield. Now, I understand why he would use it, and I know that Cap has used them before, but at the same time, I'd like to see Moon Knight stay away from high-tech technology. I know that he would definitely have access to it, but I feel that it takes away from the street-level feel of Moon Knight stories, as is what happened with Vengeance of the Moon Knight
Nevertheless, this is another really good chapter of Bendis and Maleev's Moon Knight run, and I hope to continue to see more of this.

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