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Buck Lime makes Moon Knight good?!!

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After months of us readers waiting, the moment is finally here: the Kingpin is revealed!! It's good to see that it is the character it's been implied to be so far, although the slight problem with this is that it means what should be a dramatic reveal is downplayed a bit. It's still effective though, and as I pointed out last issue it's good because it keeps in continuity with some of Bendis' other work (see New Avengers Finale).
The way in which Moon Knight draws out the Kingpin is excellent, and it's good to see such a gambit that he does. In a nutshell, Buck Lime offers to sell the Ultron head back to the Kingpin if he comes in person, which works. Even better than this is when the Kingpin tries crushing the head to see if it's the real thing, only for it to give off some energy which negates his powers. Brilliant planning by Moon Knight and Buck (who is growing on me). It's good to see that they thought of everything before approaching the Kingpin. Double points for filming the Kingpin with the Ultron head so that they have evidence.
There's really not that much which has bugged me with this issue, maybe because it's built on the previous six. As mentioned earlier, the Kingpin's reveal isn't as dramatic as it could be to anyone paying attention so far, so I'd say that at this point most readers weren't that surprised. Buck Lime's ability to create some of the devices (again, the fake Ultron head) feel a bit unrealistic, but he's growing on me and it's essential for the story, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.
If you've been reading the past six issues of Moon Knight, I'd definitely recommend this, as it's good to see the payoff after all of the previous ones. Anyone hoping to start the series should also probably do this, although with the recap page you might be able to get by. Overall, I'd highly recommend this issue, and it's proof that Moon Knight deserves to have his own series.

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