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Pretty Weak...

The colors on this cover are very nice and as you can see the art is very gritty.  I really, really like how they used orange here.   
The Good: 
The characterizations are still pretty good, especially when it comes to the Avengers (which makes sense since Bendis is the current writer of that series as well).  The art being gritty is a great advantage that sets the tone of this series as something that ought to be taken serious.  Sadly, I can't (see below). 
The Bad: 
I'm bored.  This series has been on the ups and downs couple of issues, with more of a hit or miss.  I do like Moon Knight very much in Secret Avengers and frankly, when I first picked up this series, I expected more of that kind of action.  I am tired of the whole Moon Knight is Wolverine/Spider-Man/Captain America plot device (to get readers that are fans of those other series, perhaps?) and frankly, none of what is actually happening in this version of the west coast has yet to interest me enough to where I look forward to picking this up every week.  At this point, it seems I'm doing it because I'm a completist, and because I hope this series will get better... if by issue 8, at the very least, this series hasn't gone anywhere of importance, then it will sadly be dropped.  There's too many other good stuff on the stands right now, and the price of this comic (for such mediocrity) doesn't really bide well for the future of the series.  
Not much actually happens in this issue.  We get good characterizations in a few places and overall excellent art, but the story is a little shy of atrocious.  It's boring and nothing has compelled me to where I look forward to the series' future with hope.  If this doesn't pick up some sort of significance (and maybe not use really boring villains), then I can see this series not lasting past 10 issues and getting cancelled like every other Moon Knight series in the past.  What is this, like Volume 8?? 

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