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Moon Knight #4

Well this issue in short doesn't do much to advance the plot of the new Moon Knight series.  To be honest I'm not a Bendis fan so I'll do my best to judge the comic and not him.  The story line doesn't seem to be real defined in any of the preceding issues or in this issue in general, so its definitely not a comic for someone looking to get into the character or for someone returning to the character.  
The Good:
Maleev's art fits the tone well with its dark and gritty nature.  Originally I wasn't a fan of the art but it has quickly grown on me.  The fight scene between the Night Shift and Moon Knight and Echo was great.  Really showcased the skills of the two characters.
The Bad:
To be short Bendis didn't do his homework with this series.  This issue doesn't reflect that as much but Moon Knight is known for his weapons which were surprisingly absent in the fight against the Night Shift.  The fact is that Moon Knight doesn't need to be a TV show producer he already has enough money.  And the supporting cast is lacking.  
Not bad but not great just average, this issue and the comic on a whole doesn't do enough to stand out among other series on the shelves right now.  To people interested in the character I recommend picking up the last couple on goings both Huston's and Hurrwitz's run as well as any of the three on goings the character has had since his inception.  And to people looking to get into this series just borrow the issue or something because at 3.99 a piece it's not really worth it.

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