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Sleep walking through it all.

Last Moon Knight reviews - 1, 2, & 3. Moon Knight investigates a strange case that involves the #1 universal solver to the world's problems; sleep.

The Good

I really, really, really enjoy what writer, Warren Ellis, does with this series! He's taking Moon Knight and recreating him into something pretty freaking amazing! From his skills in combat, to the psychological disorder, and the detective prowess; Moon Knight deserves to be locked up in an asylum for sure. However, that's the beauty of it! Ellis focuses on how unstable Moon Knight is, and makes stories that center around that type of mindset. And once again, writer Warren Ellis does a magnificent job with this Moon Knight story! Journeying into a brief, but well thought out, issue centering around sleep.

The execution of this issue is perfect! It starts off with a simple problem that Moon Knight has to solve [in this case the patients that have problems sleeping], then it turns into this huge trippy thrill ride that only ends when the story has been told to its fullest. This method that is being used in this series never gets old, as each story is a chance to look into Moon Knight's messed up head!

When Moon Knight works, it's all eyes on him and mouths quiet!
When Moon Knight works, it's all eyes on him and mouths quiet!

I enjoy how Warren Ellis doesn't make this issue's story predictable. From reading this issue, you find out that Moon Knight takes a job from a psychologist that studies lucid dreaming. However, by the end of the series you get thrown the curve ball of the, for lack of better words "acid dream trip", and Moon Knight is soon raging out and throwing that same psychologist's face through walls. The story went from point A to point Z very quickly, but how the story is executed is perfect for Moon Knight's character. To summarize, when Moon Knight starts working, it should be all eyes on him and nothing said!

And all of this couldn't have been achieved without the help of artist Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire. The two know how to make this issue creepy and questionable; all while making it cool and desirable. The artists know how to bring out Warren Ellis' ideas, in the form of art, that way we can understand [a bit more] what the story is trying to convey. I couldn't ask for a better creative team on this series!

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this series isn't for everyone! 5 out of 5. Until the next issue!

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