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Applicable and extremely neat.  It was very confusing on the solicits because they kept showing this one as #4, but I can see how it would be important for the cover to represent this particular issue. 
The Good: 
The dialogue and the interactions in this particular issue are astounding.  I still have a lot of reservations about Bendis' depiction of Moon Knight, but in this issue, his state of mind really shines and the way that he reacts to everyone in L.A is nothing short of awesome.  I think it was about time that we start to understand a little bit more about the character, and in here it's still clear that he's mentally unstable, but it's not thrown in my face by having him dress as Spider-Man (which I still roll my eyes at...)
The Bad: 
Though the dialogue and the setups are nice, I can't see this series going very much further short of cancellation unless Bendis can get to the point.  I feel that sometimes story arcs that span only three issues are too short, and those that go five issues may be too long; I find four to be perfect, but I doubt that we will get some sort of resolution to this whole kingpin of L.A deal in the next issue.  If handled well, then maybe we can get somewhere. 
Very much enjoying the gritty art by Maleev and the character interactions in this issue really outshine everything else without getting in the way, or becoming too wordy.  Unfortunately, I feel this would've done better as a second issue, setting up all that it does, and having some sort of advancement towards an arc resolution coming up next issue.  That may not be the case, but hopefully Bendis can accelerate the pacing of this series a little bit or I don't see it lasting very long in the stands (with all the fan boycotts and all...) 

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