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Moon Knight tries to track down the Werewolf by Night before he is abducted by a satanic cult!

This issue contains two stories.

Morning Star

In an Omaha, Nebraska, railyard, Jack Russell flees from three black-robed and hooded figures, and seeks refuge in a boxcar, as the full moon rises. The three reach the car, and the Werewolf snatches and kills one of them, as the train begins to roll. Unable to keep up, the two remaining stalkers go to the ticket seller demanding to know its destination. In Los Angeles, Schuyler Belial, who calls himself Morning Star, holds a satanic mass. When he once again can't produce the beast from hell he has for months promised his flock, they begin to file out in disgust. Later, he receives a call from his agent in Omaha, informing him of recent events, and that Russell is headed for New York City. Belial, and some of his followers, take his private jet to New York, confident that even if Russell jumps the train, their tracking equipment will find him. A month later, in New York, Jake Lockley enters Gena's Diner and receives the message that Detective Flint wants a meeting with Moon Knight. Later, atop the precinct roof, Flint passes a letter to Moon Knight from Russell, requesting a meeting at a secluded house in New Jersey before dusk. Despite Frenchie's speedy piloting, Moon Knight arrives after moonrise, finding another note from Jack. It's a warning to bar the door to the room in which he's locked himself, but just as Moon Knight reaches for the bar, the Werewolf erupts through the door. He stuns Moon Knight and leaps out a window. Moon Knight gives chase, but is hit in the head with a log and knocked out. The night passes, and in the morning, Moon Knight comes to and finds the again human Jack Russell, whom he transports to his mansion. Later, Russell tells Moon Knight, Marlene and Frenchie of the year-long chase he's led Belial's men on, including one capture and escape, and Moon Knight surmises they may have implanted a tracer in Russell's body. Moon Knight calls in a favor from a Dr. Lawson, requesting his presence and x-ray equipment. Dr. Lawson confirms there is a chip under Russell's scalp, but it is too late in the day to begin surgery, so the doctor is asked to return the following day. Jack is strapped down as dusk approaches, but when he transforms, the Werewolf snaps his bonds and threatens Moon Knight and Marlene.


With nearly all the residents and employees of the mansion on leave or away on business, Steven Grant sits and contemplates his multiple personalities. Having integrated his selves, he exorcises the violent ghost of Marc Spector.



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