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What Happened?

Not too bad, but not the greatest.  Maybe it's the lack of colors that's not doing it for me. 
The Good: 
At least the story is progressing, even if it's at a tiny little trickle.  The art is gritty and that definitely fits the mood of the story that is being portrayed, but that was about all I liked.  I get that MK has multiple personalities, I was just not very happy with a few things (see below). 
The Bad: 
My main bother is the fact that he was actually wearing the Spider-Man costume.  I understand that he is pretty messed up in the head and that that is part of the appeal of the character, but I feel it's been taken a little overboard with no actual purpose except to try to tell us that his schizophrenia is getting out of hand.  While that is decent enough storytelling, I feel that it is lazy and doesn't actually fulfill any true purpose (or character development and advancement) for a character that has had very many series cancelled due to poor writing.  Either the writing itself improves, or the series will leave my pull list.  I have no problems with Bendis (I know that many people do), I just hope that he can write this character a little bit better or just hand it over to someone else who can do it right.  It doesn't need to be old rehashed stories, but if you're taking the character a new direction, give me a reason why I should care. 
After a very decent first issue, this follow-up falls way short in my eyes.  The art is gritty and fitting of the mood of the series, which is very nice, but the story, at least in this issue, is very lacking and seemed lazy and half-assed.  Hopefully, it picks up and becomes a more compelling series. 

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