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Award-winning TV writer Mike Benson (Entourage) takes over the reins, with co-plotter Charlie Huston!


With Moon Knight leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake, Tony Stark has one question on his mind: How the hell did this psycho get a Registration Card? But by the time Stark uncovers the truth, it might very well be too late. For Khonshu has great expectations of his avatar -- he wants the streets washed with

blood, and what Khonshu wants, he usually gets.


Tony Stark watches a video of Moon Knight beating the crap out of a skinhead. He tells the agent with him that they need to prevent this from getting out. He wonders how he was able to pass his psych exam and decides they need to look into that.

Marc Spector is training with Rob as Frenchie watches on. Marc's hitting a punching bag as Rob holds it. Rob is excited over the news coverage Moon Knight is getting. He asks what the guy he beat up named Maddicks do. Marc doesn't want to talk about it. Rob keeps pushing and Marc accidentally hits the bag so hard, it hits Rob in the nose. Frenchie isn't too happy. As he takes Rob away to stop the bleeding, he turns back to Marc. He tells him there was no need for what he did to Maddicks. That battle was fought long ago.

A subway tunnel worker, Carson Knowles, reaches the end of his shift. On his locker is a newspaper clipping with the headline, "Black Spectre released from jail." A couple of his co-workers gives him a hard time and laugh at him as he leaves.

Frenchie tries nursing Rob's bloody nose. He tells him he should stay away from Marc. Rob thinks Frenchie's jealous that they're building a friendship that doesn't rely on him. Frenchie tells him that people close to Marc simply get hurt. The squabble continues and Rob ends up leaving.

Carson has to visit with his parole officer. He notes that he's been staying out of trouble and also that it's payday. Carson tells him he's not going to pay him. The parole officer curses him out and tells him he'll go straight back to jail if he doesn't. He tells him he doesn't have any rights anymore. Not too happy, Carson pays him and leaves.

Marc and Marlene finish up some activities in his bedroom. They begin to argue and she asks why he moved the statue of Khonshu in there. He says he needs it but Marlene says it just reminds her of her father. He becomes distracted by Khonshu as he makes himself look like Tigra, reminding Marc of his past relationship. Marlene decides to leave because she doesn't want to argue.

Everyone is feeling down. Carson visits a pawn shop and picks up an old item in a long box. Frenchie pulls out a gun he had hidden beneath the floorboards in his place. Marc takes out the cut off face of Bushman that he sliced off his face. Frenchie stares at an old photograph and holds the gun up in anguish. Carson looks into the reflection of the sword he got and sees his Black Spectre costume. He says, "Welcome home." In the bathroom, Marc takes the face and puts it on his own. At that moment, Marlene walks in after decided to turn around and go back to Marc. She is horrified with what she sees. He drops the face and yells out to her. A hand picks up the face and says he's been looking for that. It appears as if Bushman himself is standing there with the face back on.



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I admit, I have never read Moon Knight before. I've wanted to for years now because he just looks so cool quite honestly. I picked up this issue and have a few shallow impressions. I say shallow because I have no bloody idea what is going on in this story or universe.So why did I get it? To be perfectly honest, I grabbed it off the shelf because I could not stop looking at the Norman Rockwell parody cover art (See the Triple Self Portrait from 1960 at the Norman Rockwell Museum site - http://www...

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