Moon Knight 1,000,000 BC

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    The first Fist of Khonshu, originally chosen to stand against the Avengers 1,000,000 BC

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    Khonshu looked over the Earth before anyone. He made the nights less dark, the weather less wild, and the water less still. He watched Zgreb infect he Earth, the Starbrand comet hit land, and the Eternals rise to the level of deities. However, when the prehistoric Avengers banded together for the first time, they did it without Khonshu, angering him. In a fit of rage, he chose a defender among the caveman to fight back against these so-called superheroes.


    This version of Moon Knight was first seen in Avengers (2018) #35 by Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón.

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining the Ancient Avengers

    When the prehistoric Avengers disbanded, Fan Fei, the first Iron Fist, kept fighting the good fight without her fellow Avengers, but she couldn't do it alone. She partnered with one-time rival of the Avengers, the first Moon Knight. Agamotto tracked the two down to a lush garden whose residents they were just protecting. He recruited both of them for an Avengers reunion after he had a nasty confrontation with Mephisto.

    Agamotto cast a spell that teleported them to the present day Avengers, who were currently travelling through time tracking Mephisto's attempts to stop the mantles from reaching the present. Agamotto intended for them to become allies, but when he is attacked by an unseen force, his team blames The Avengers and start brawling. As the dust settles, Doom Supreme and his mutliversal Masters of Evil reveal themselves.

    The God Quarry

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    After Agamotto and Vnn are injured by Doom, he two Avengers teams finally band together to put a stop to these Masters. However, Doom used this fight as a distraction to sneak away and unite with an army of his own variants, which he planned to lead on The God Quarry. In defense, Avenger Prime, a sorcerer supreme variant of Loki, cast a spell bringing Moon Knight and the other Avengers to The God Quarry as part of a multiversal army of Avengers to stand guard.

    An army of Dooms wanted to take control of Loki's Avengers Tower, but Mephisto wanted to break through the barrier of the quarry to the raw energy leftover by the previous cosmos. After stopping both Doom and Mephisto, Fei, Moon Knight, and Agamotto returned to their proper time and vowed to recruit new superhumans to stand ready to protect their world.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fist of Khonshu: Blessed by Khonshu, he is an enhanced fighter.

    • Moon Club: He is in possession of glowing club made of moon rock.

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