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Before he was the macabre Moon Knight, he was mercenary Marc Spector. Witness the origin of the hero known as Moon Knight! Cloaked in the spirit of the Egyptian moon god, Moon Knight swears vengeance on “Bushman”, the mercenary who takes innocent lives and leaves his colleagues for dead.

The mercenary Marc Spector defies his employer Bushman, and is left in the desert to die. He stumbles upon the archaeological dig of Marlene Alraune and dies from dehydration and exhaustion. He is placed before the statue of Khonshu and miraculously comes back to life. He believes that the ancient Egyptian god has given him back his life so that he can become his avatar of justice among living mortals. Spector goes back into town to confront Bushman but he escapes. Spector dons the guise of Moon Knight and begins his new life as a superhero. It isn't long before Bushman finds him in his new life and Moon Knight has to fight him once more. If not for Marlene, Spector's love interest, he would have killed Bushman but instead leaves him for the authorities to take care of.

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