Moon Knight #1

    Moon Knight » Moon Knight #1 - Slasher released by Marvel on May 2014.

    Moon Knight was in LA and went insane. This is what happened next.

    jonny_anonymous's Moon Knight #1 - Slasher review

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    Moon Knights Back After His Ill Fated Trip To The City Of Angels. Can Warren Ellis Get Him Back On Track?

    The Good

    The first word that comes to mind when describing Moon Knight #1 is cinematic. But I don't mean that in the sense of high octane explosions but rather this book has all the mood and style of a great crime thriller. It almost feels like you're reading an X-Files episode written by James Ellory. It's almost like a pilot episode for a TV-show (Imagine that, huh?). A big part of that is the amazing art by Declan Shalvey and the masterful colouring by Jordie Bellaire. Moon Knight or Mr. Knight's (as Detective Flint likes to call him) stark while visage imposed against the dark browns and reds of the New York cityscape along with his swagger and the the panel frames just screams neo noir.

    Warren Ellis does a great job of catching us up on who Moon Knight is and what he's been up to but he doesn't do it in a way that seems forced and he also manages to keep that bit of mystery about that character that will have even long time fans wondering if they know everything about him. He also does a good job of taking some aspects of the character that were introduced in the last run that were maybe not so well received and making them a lot more palatable. Doing this without the aid of retconning or just straight up ignoring what came before (even if it's bad) is the sign of a great writer.

    The Bad

    There was many things I didn't like about the previous run but one thing I would have loved if it had been done properly was Moon Knight's move to LA. Now before you all start throwing stones at me I don't mean I would have kept him as a tv producer or anything stupid like that. I just think that Los Angeles is the perfect setting for a pulp noir egyptian themed vigilante that solves weird crime and may also be insane. However keeping him in LA might mean that Moon Knight regulars like Detective Flint, Marlene and Frenchie wouldn't be turning up but I'm sure there would be a way to make that work. Also I kinda like the idea of LA becoming the home to all of Marvels loner psychopathic vigilantes.

    The Verdict

    Personal preferences that don't actually bother me aside (because let's face it, that's all my Bad section is filled with) Moon Knight #1is a great issue that could well be shaping up to be the most promising All New Marvel NOW! book so far. I would fully recommend it to anybody that's interested in Moon Knight, crime fiction or just good stories in general.

    5 Moons Out Of 5


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