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Original History from I, Lusiphur #1

The original telling is the same retelling except for instead of Moochau waiting and spying on Luse and Gretchen, Moochau met Luse right away and questioned him about his life. Luse became suspicious and then confronted the wizard before being subdued by him.

Re-Telling From Requiem for a Elf

Moochau was a powerful wizard who wanted to summon Six-Tell Amalah. He loved the idea of the Psychotic, neurotics, legions of obsessive compulsives running a muck around the world. In order to do this he needed the eye of an elf. He sent his daughter Gretchen to lure an elf back to his castle in order to get one. Once Gretchen lured an elf back, Lusiphur, he thought it better to observe him instead of promptly taking the eye. The eye needed to be pure from disease so Moochau watched from the secret passages of his castle. This back fired when Luse and Gretchen started to get cozy with each other and Luse told her of his life's hardships. Gretchen stormed off and to her father that she did not want to go through with it but by this time Luse had followed her into the secret passage ways and over heard the conversation. He punched Gretchen and while Moochau was weaving a spell he sliced the webbing between the thumb and pointer on his hand. While Luse was questioning Moochau, Moochau was weaving a spell behind his back which took Luse out. Later while preparing for the ritual to raise Six-Tell Luse awoke only to be put back out by Moochau. Luse woke again see Moochau dancing about preparing for the ritual. Luse yelled and asked what Moochau wanted. He let him know he wanted his eye and Luse tried to bargain with him. Moochau told Luse there was no negotiating and proceeded to tear out Luse's eye with his bare hand. Luse later awoke again and Moochau was gone having raised Six-Tell. There was no evidence of the fate of Moochau but Gretchen was left in pieces on the floor and throughout the hallway.

In the trade "Requiem for an Elf" Moochau was different in appearance while in the original telling Moochau was missing part of his leg, in the trade he had both full legs.

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