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    Montross competed with Jango Fett to become the genetic template of the Clone Troopers. They were once allies in Jaster Mereels "True Mandalorians"

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    Montorss was a ruthless warrior and a member of Jaster Mereel's True Mandalorians during the civil war with the Death Watch lead by rouge Mandalorian Vizsla. Feared by both sides Montorss was prone to over excessive methods that troubled his leader Mereel. While the True Mandalorians were on Concord Dawn they were saved by a boy named Jango Fett who family had been killed by the Death Watch. While Montross picked off the remaining Death Watch members with a sniper fire Jaster took Jango with them as they left.

    Some years later as the Mandalorians took up an assignment on Korda 6, Montorss had become hostile towards Fett who was treated as a son by Mereel. Threatening Fett, Montorss reminded him that sometime soon Mereel would choose his successor. As the battle begin things started to go badly as the resistance was much greater than they were initially warned of. It soon became clear to Fett that the mission was a trap, this was confirmed when the Death Watch and then there leader Vizsla appeared an armored vehicle. A move by Montross early in the battle had caused the death of many Mandalorians and Mereel told him that if they were to survive the battle Montorss would no longer be a part of the Mandalorians.

    As the Death Watch’s attack continued Mereel was pinned down by Vizsla, he commanded Montorss to air lift him out but he simply turned his back and said that he would now take care of the Mandalorians, leaving his former leader to his fate. After regrouping the survivors Montorss ordered a retreat and said that Fett had died trying to save Mereel however Fett soon returned with Mereels body and revealed the truth to the others. Montross tried in vain to persuade them not to follow the boy who he claimed would lead them to there doom but they had made there choice and so Montorss was banished.

    Bounty Hunter

    A short time later Montross resurfaced as a bounty hunter and quickly gained a reputation for hardly ever bringing in a live capture, the thrill was in the sport. After killing one such bounty, while on board his ship Hell’s Anvil Montorss received and offer from a man named Tyranus to hunt down the leader of the Bando Gora; Komari Vosa a deranged former Jedi. The reward would be five million republic credits and unknown to him at the time the chance to become the template for a Clone Army that Tyranus was planning to build. This hunt would not be easy and he would certainly not be alone.

    The Bando Gora were a cult based on the distribution of a lethal variation of narcotics known a Death Sticks, knowing that they were popular in Coruscant's underworld Montross tracked a dealer named Groff Haugg on the planet and interrogating him for information, and upon gaining it made sure that his contact would remain silent, forever. It would be here that Montorss would come face to face with his old rival Jango Fett, now also a bounty hunter and on the same hunt. The two battled until Montorss escaped to follow his lead. Upon arriving at the destination Haugg gave him it became clear to him that he had been lied to, a transmission intercepted about a break in at a maximum security republic prison however reassured him that Fett was still in the game, and all he had to do was follow.


    After following Jango around the galaxy and even killing his friend and contact Roz on her space station Montorss was able to discover the Bando Gora’s lair, the dead moon of Kohlma. Landing his ship in a swamp he donned his full Mandalorian battle amour in order to face Vosa. Not long after Fett arrived and the two warriors battled to the death. Montorss was bested by Fett and came crashing down to the ground, he asked for a warrior’s death but Fett left him to the approaching cultists much the same as Montorss had left Jaster many years ago. As Fett went on to face his final showdown with Vosa, Montross screamed with horror as he was torn apart.

    Other Media

    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

    Montross appears as a boss in the video game which starred Jango Fett, Star Wars Bounty Hunter.


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