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Monstradamus was a mysterious old alchemist who allegedly had been alive for centuries and had been evil to the core the whole of it.

He challenged the Shadow in the Shadow Comics of the 40’s in a 6 issue run that may qualify as one of the first arcs in comics history.

Starting in Vol. 3. # 3 (whole number 27) Monstradamus menaced America and the Shadow with his potions, elixirs, and monsters he controlled that he had created from ordinary animals.

The 6 Monstradamus stories where:

1.  The Shadow meets Monstradamus  # 27 

2.   Monstradamus Returns # 28

3.   The Shadow again meets Monstradamus in Treasure Bay  # 29

4.   Monstradamus and His Devils of the Deep # 30

5.   Monstradamus and His Flying Serpents  # 31

6.    Monstradamus and His Creatures of Fable  # 32

The stories were written by Walter B. Gibson, the same man who wrote most of the Shadow’s pulp magazine adventures, and drawn by Jack Binder.


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