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Has real Potential

An event that isnt heroes fighting each other?

WAAAAAATTTTTT? I know right. For once the heroes are not fighting each other, weird right? Honestly its sad when that is a selling point for Marvel comics but i digress.

The Good

as ive already mentioned it is refreshing to see the heroes working together instead of beating each other up (after Civil War 2.0 i think we've had enough of that)

Gosh its good to see The Prince of Power back in comics, That for me is a big plus point.

Lord of picking up heavy object and throwing them
Lord of picking up heavy object and throwing them

Hercules is my favourite part of this comic, his dialogue and actions are just perfect in this comic.

Really all around the dialogue and interactions are pretty sound and stay true to the characters

The Bad

The Plot seems... generic. the reason for these monsters appearing feels like its been done before and there wasnt a big twist, not really.

Even if it is perfectly executed, a generic plot is generic.


Worth a read just because they have potential to go so many different directions, however don't go in expecting something Mind-Blowing.

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