Monster of Badoon

    Character » Monster of Badoon appears in 42 issues.

    The Monster of Badoon is the greatest weapon of the Brotherhood of the Badoon

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    The Monster of Badoon is a cyborg of the Brotherhood of the Badoon. They refer to themas the Weapon of Weapons. He is usually used after all other weapons fail to destroy their target. They have immense strength and durability and have fought the Silver Surfer, the Thing and Colossus.

    The Monster of Badoon are created as weapons and are trained by slaughtering worlds.

    While used as a weapon, some have wandered from their masters. One named Joonvit was part of the space pirate Nebula's crew, but it sacrificed itself to save Nebula. Little is known if Joonvit was an anomaly with it's own personality or if all Monsters have unique identities and choose to serve in the Badoon military.


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