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    Monster Girl is a hero that can turn into a troll-like monster on command. She is actually an adult, but everytime she transforms she gets younger, so she looks like a child now.

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    The young woman who would become Monster Girl was a bright yet crass teenage student who attended an expensive girl's school. She skipped a few grades and was set to graduate at a young age when her senior class took a trip to Europe that would change her life.

    On the trip she met a cute, young gypsy boy and was swept up in a whirlwind of romance. The boy's disapproving grandmother saw the two young lovers during a romantic rendezvous and cast a gypsy curse upon her grandson's paramour. On the flight back to the States, the curse began to take effect. She hid in the toilet as her body uncontrollably morphed into a monstrous and masculine troll-like being.

    At first she was terrified, but she soon gained control of her trasformations. She put her powerful creature body to good use as the heroine Monster Girl.


    Monster Girl was created by Robert Kirkman, her first appearance was in Invincible #9.


    After a while, Monster Girl began to notice an adverse physiological effect to her powers. The more she transformed into the creature, the larger and stronger her monster form became-but her human body became younger. She tried to use her powers less, but there was always some crisis that required the attention of her monstrous alter-ego. Monster Girl physically grew younger, but mentally she remained an adult woman of twenty nine. Depressed about her condition, Monster Girl began recklessly using her powers, heedless of the damage she was doing to herself.

    When Monster Girl tried out for the new Guardians of the Globe, she had the body of a thirteen year old girl. The bizarre disconnect between her childlike appearance and her somewhat randy adult behavior made some of her teammates uncomfortable, but Monster Girl proved to be a great asset to the Guardians in the field. Robot committed to helping Monster Girl find a cure for her state, but as of yet claims to have no success.

    To mitigate the de-aging process, Monster Girl wore a suit of high-tech battle armor so that she could still participate on missions in her original form without having to trasform into her monster form. The armor was originally designed for Black Samson after he lost his superpowers. When Samson was seriously injured by Battle Beast and rendered comatose, Monster Girl donned his armor. The batttel with Omnipotus required that Monster Girl change into the hulking creature, destroying the suit in the process.

    The young clone of Robot has stated that Monster Girl's ability to cope with her own debilitating condition is what inspired him to find a way to leave the confines of his former self's isolated life-support chamber. Monster Girl told Robot that she felt it was very creepy if Robot had given himself a human body in order to be with her. Robot assured her that wasn't the case, but the two quickly started a romantic relationship regardless. She told Robot she loved him during Rex Splode's funeral. Monster Girl and Robot are currently stranded in an alternate dimension, hoping to find a permanent way to keep inter-dimensional aliens from invading Earth.

    Character Information

    Human Form:

    Height: 4' 10"

    Weight: 90 lbs

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Blue

    Monster Form:

    Height: 12'

    Weight: 2,800 lbs

    Hair: None

    Eyes: White

    Strength level: Monster Girl possesses superhuman strength, allowing her to lift in excess of 60 tons. If she continues using her powers transforming into monster form, it is conceivable that her strength level will increase in proportion to her increase in size. In human form, she possesses the strength of a girl her age, build and height who engages in regular exercise.

    Known superpowers

    As a result of the gypsy curse placed on her, Monster Girl possesses the supernatural ability to transform herself from human female to a substantially larger, stronger, and more resilient humanoid goblin-like male form. This change adds over 2,700 lbs of bone mass and tissue to her body by utilizing smart atoms to alter the normal movement of the quarks and gluons of her body's atoms, increasing or decreasing their mass as required. Her body is immune to most forms of conventional injury, including extremes in temperature and pressure, open flame, severe cold, radiation, and concussive forces (such as impacts and explosions). At first, Monster Girl had no control over her transformations, which would occur at random. Later, she learned to initiate the change into monster form through a conscious act of will. The metamorphosis between one aspect and another generally occurs in a matter of seconds.

    The adverse side effect of the curse is that her human form's physiological makeup is altered every time she changes into monster form. When Monster Girl changes, her DNA recreates the altered body form based on her current age. An error in her DNA coding means that her human age is underestimated and her monster age is overestimated. The more she assumes her monster persona, the younger her human form becomes upon reverting back again. Conversely, the younger her human self becomes, her monster form grows in both strength and stature. Her brain is not affected when the rest of her body changes, so it continues to develop as a normal human of her calender age. Originally, both forms were roughly equal in size, but continued use of her powers have resulted in Monster Girl's human form regressing in physical age and appearance to that of a pre-teen, when in reality she has the life experience, demeanor and mental processes of a twenty nine year old woman. Her monster persona has consequently increased in strength and size.

    Monster Girl's powers can be seen as a limited form of Martian shapeshifting (in this case only 2 body forms are possible) and an even more limited form of Atom Eve's molecular rearranging powers (remembering and recreating clothing)


    For a time, Monster Girl utilized Black Samson's battle armor to augment her natural strength, foregoing her transformation into monster form in an attempt to lessen her age regression. The suit was modified by Robot for her use. It was destroyed in a battle with Omnipotus. She wears a belt made for her by Robot which keeps her from growing younger and has permanently solved her aging problem.

    Alternate Versions

    In another reality she goes by an alias Monstrous Girl and is a member of Emperor's Elite.


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