Monsieur Stigmonius

    Character » Monsieur Stigmonius appears in 7 issues.

    A godlike entity from The Risen that thrives on despair. He is the embodiment of humanity's suffering. The avatar of pain and misery, cruelty and death.

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    Created by J.M. DeMatteis. Stigmonius bears extreme resemblances, both in character design and in personality, to a previous DeMatteis creation, Mr. Termineus, from his prematurely cancelled Man-Thing vol. 3 series that never had its ending published.

    Story Arcs

    The Spectre

    Monsieur Stigmonius arrives as Hal Jordan starts his role as The Spectre, but not as the spirit of vengeance, but the spirit of redemption. In the beginning, Stigmonius tries to convince The Spectre that his decision of taking a role of the spirit of redemption was futile as humans will always cause suffering to one another as its been throughout their lives. After countless examples, Hal Jordan still believes the path of redemption is the correct course as he sends Stigmonius away from his temple. But, Hal's belief has been wavered and must find a definite answer to for his cause.

    Meanwhile, Monsieur Stigmonius has decided to take things personal and has got after Hal's niece, Helen Jordan. Stigmonius attempts to use the same argument as he did to Hal to convince her niece of how real life and true human nature truly is. After few attempts, Stigmonius is intervened by the spirit of Abin Sur, but Stigmonius traps his spirit in a bottle. Finally, The Spectre arrives from his journey of finding a new answer for his cause as again, Stigmonius decides to invoke a change into The Spectre's new path of redemption. This time using Helen's potential and her failed future, Stigmonius tries to change The Spectre again, but ultimately fails and is again banished from The Spectre's temple.

    But, Stigmonius uses the disappearance of Helen from her house to set in motion of Helen's parents to get into a car accident. Ultimately, Stigmonius planned all these actions in order to revert The Spectre to his old path of vengeance, which work for a brief period of time, but again failed at the end. The Spectre traps Stigmonius in a separate private universe, where Stigmonius' want and desire are fulfilled.

    Monsieur Stigmonius appears once again as this time, he resurrects Sinestro and uses him to derail Hal Jordan aka The Spectre from his path of redemption. After guiding Sinestro to manifest his powers as the undead, Sinestro goes after Hal Jordan, who is in a self-made world, where he is alive again and married to Carol Ferris with a big family. Stigmonius and Materna Minxx interact as the Spectre Others, manifestation of Spectre Prime's consciousness, are indisposed off due to Spectre Prime lack of presence in the real world. During this time, it is reviled that Stigmonius is an exiled member of The Risen as same as Materna Minxx. Stigmonius is known to be rule breaker among The Risen and had "time danced" to arrive at the present time to put his ultimate plan in action. After subduing Materna Minxx, Stigmonius confronts Spectre Prime, who returns Sinestro to Hell. Stigmonius tells him of his involvement of Sinestro's revival, but when asked about his purpose, he simply states the universe will know in time and disappears.


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