Monsieur Mallah

    Character » Monsieur Mallah appears in 256 issues.

    Gorilla apprentice and creation of the Brain whose IQ has been raised to the genius-level of 178.

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    Ten years before his own death, a French scientist experimented on a large gorilla that was stronger and more agile than other gorillas. At first he planned to transplant his mind into this mighty body, but after looking on the ape's face, he changed his mind and decided to enhance his brain activity. Through secret methods and shock treatments, the scientist greatly increased the ape's intelligence. The gorilla gained an IQ of 178, making him a genius. The scientist also gave the ape the ability to speak human languages. He named the gorilla Monsieur Mallah and trained him to read and write, and taught him all about science and medicine.

    When the scientist died, Mallah followed the instructions he had left him and removed his mentor's brain, surgically transferring it to a sophisticated recepticle that was connected to a vast computer network. The recepticle enabled the brain to remain alive and to monitor events around it and even to speak through special equipment. The scientist, who became the Brain, assisted by Mallah, organized the original Brotherhood of Evil to advance his goals of achieving power and wealth.

    One member of the Brotherhood was Laura DeMille, whose mind was altered by the Brain and Mallah so that she became the evil Madame Rouge. The Brotherhood clashed many times with the Doom Patrol. Finally, Madame Rouge double crossed the Brain and Mallah, seemingly blowing them up in their Parisian headquarters.

    However, the Brain and Mallah survived and they remained in hiding for a number of years before forming a new Brotherhood of Evil who battled the New Teen Titans.

    Monsieur Mallah joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains.

    Monsieur Mallah was killed by Gorilla Grodd on planet Salvation. The Brain was killed as well.


    Monsieur Mallah and Brain were seen allied with Grodd during RotWorld. Grodd and his followers were seen behind crashed vehicles while his telekinesis took Constantine, Beast Boy, Black Orchid, Buddy Baker to their knees. Steel in his new armor in which he placed his brain was unaffeccted. Unfortunately, Mallah is killed again but by Frankenstein's hands not Grodd's

    Powers, abilities and skills

    Monsieur Mallah possesses super human strength, agility and speed. He also has incredible intellect.

    Other media


    Teen Titans

    "His strenght is only matched by his intelligence"

    He appears as a recurrent character, as part of the Brotherhood of Evil in fifth season. As in comics, Mallah always protects his master the Brain from any physical confrontation. Using his intelligence and brute force he fights againts the Teen Titans in several ocasions. Like the others of the Brotherhood he is beaten and frozen at the final episode of the season.

    He is one of the strongest villains, not only for his animal strenght but for his superior intelect. He used to play chess with the brain during the series.

    Young Justice

    Monsieur Mallah appears along with Brain in the episode "Alpha Male". Mallah and Brain use an army of animals mind-controlled by the collars. Mallah uses a special trap to capture Captain Marvel, then attacks Young Justice, assisting the mind-controlled animals. They were defeated by Young Justice, but escaped.


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