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    An evil mutant.

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    Monkian was a member of the evil mutants and one of the main three along with Slithe and Jackalman. They were often used as pawns by Mumm-Ra. Monkian was not a very bright, but he made up for it in brutality and physical abilities. He had super strength, agility and speed that was superior to the Thunderkittens, Wilykit and Wilykat. Increased durability along with being a capable fighter and user of various vehicles and weapons.


    Monkian has been brought back in the new Thundercats series under a new name, Addicus. He was going to be executed by the birds for crimes against the bird nation, but was saved by Slithe who offered him a position as one of Mumm-Ra's generals. He accepted and ended up killing the birds that were about to execute him with his bare hands.


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