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    Character » Monkey King appears in 15 issues.

    A notorious Hong Kong crime lord was tricked in to stealing a legendary staff that gave him mystical powers but he was deemed not worthy and banished to the Capital City of Hell. After fighting his way out of the Eighth City he has vowed to use his Kung Fu to right his wrongs as the legendary Handsome Monkey King.

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    Fifteen years ago, a crime lord who calls himself the "Monkey King" was challenged by one of his men called Lion, into stealing the Ruyi Jingu Bang - the original Monkey King's bo staff and was told that if he was successful he will have all of his gold, as well. The man easily shifted through all the ancient traps and was able to steal the staff only to be betrayed by his subordinate. Now trapped in the Monkey King's cave, he met the original Sun Wukong and a contract was made. For stealing the staff, he would receive all of the Monkey King's powers and skills but at a price: if he has true evil in his heart he will be sent to the Eighth City, (where as the seven cities before it are considered the Seven Cities of Heaven, the Eight is analogous to Hell) and will burn for eternity but if he is inherently good, he will be set free. But the man was guilty of the crimes he had committed and thus was cast down to Hell with the powers and skills of the Monkey King in tow.

    For fifteen years he stayed there and made Hell his personal playground. After dispatching a mob of demons, a fiery explosion occurs nearby, as one of the Worthy's Hammers has landed nearby. Armed with curiosity the Monkey King sets out to investigate the nature of this powerful impact.

    His attempts to lift the hammer are met with failure, and he subsequently finds himself in the shadows of both Titania and the Absorbing Man. Titania though possessed by the being known as Skirn, Breaker of Men, it is revealed that she actually knows of Sun Wukong from times past. She attacks him, allowing Creel the chance to claim the hammer. His contact with it, transforming him into Greithoth: Breaker of Wills.

    Later, the Monkey King travels back to Hong Kong and takes down the crime syndicate now run by Lion and traps him in the same hell he was once trapped in. After seeing the error of his ways, the handsome Monkey King vows to right wrongs and protect Hong Kong.

    Current Events

    Currently Monkey King has joined the The Ascendant and joins in the attack on Madripoor to help the Avengers take back the country from Gorgon and The Hand.


    The Monkey King was blessed with some of the powers of the original Sun Wukong. He has super strength, speed and agility. He is a master martial martial artist and uses his staff to full effect. He's also able to shape shift in to various animals like an eagle, frog and a lion.


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