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    The Monkey Fist cult is an elite and secret sect of martial artists who strive to be the very best in the world.

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    Known Background

    The Monkey Fist cult/ Brotherhood of the monkey fist/ Monkey Brotherhood is an ancient and secret clan of martial artists and martial  arts masters who strive to be and count among their ranks the very best in the world. To this end they seek out and defeat those with reputations to match their skill. They are also very honorable and use only the ancient ways. They never use conventional modern day weapons such as guns and explosives instead relying on open hand and swords etc.
    The clan is set up in "Schools" where the highest ranked may fight alone( have a single member) but less skilled/ lower ranking schools had greater numbers (may only fight in groups). The ranking as revealed by shiva is pyramidal with herself as the highest point. It is also worth noting that they worship and follow the "monkey king" of ancient Chinese legend.


    Paper Monkey- Lady Shiva  Woosan
    Silver Monkey
    Bamboo Monkey 
    Emerald Monkeys

    Obsidian Monkeys
     Iron Monkeys
    Rainbow Monkeys 

    Bronze Monkeys


    Of note is that  Connor Hawke  was made an honorary Silver Monkey after defeating the original and holding his own against the Paper Monkey.

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