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    Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist in One Piece and captain of the increasingly infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates. He ate the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit that changed his body to rubber. His dream is to find the legendary One Piece and become Pirate King. He has made quite a name for himself around the world and has a bounty on his head to match - 1,500,000,000 Berries. Despite his naive attitude, he is an amazing leader who the Straw Hats follow with pride.

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    Shanks passed on his straw hat to Luffy
    Shanks passed on his straw hat to Luffy

    Luffy grew up on Dawn Island in Windmill Village located in East Blue. He was inspired to become a pirate like his idol, Red Haired Shanks. Luffy constantly wanted to join Shank's crew but was denied because he was a kid. Completely by accident, Luffy ate the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit that Shanks had brought back from the Grand Line. Luffy was nearly killed by Higuma, the mountain bandit, by throwing him into the sea. He was saved from the local sea monster by Shanks, but he had lost his right arm in the process.

    Before Shanks left, Luffy swore that one day he'd have a crew of his own and become king of the pirates. Suddenly, Shanks placed his straw hat onto Luffy's head with the promise he would return it after he became a great pirate.

    Luffy defeats the sea monster
    Luffy defeats the sea monster

    Luffy's grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, returned and took Luffy to live with Curly Dadan, and Portgas D. Ace, who Garp said would be his brother. It took a while for Luffy to earn Ace's trust, but he soon became brothers with both Ace and Sabo, a local boy who dreamed of becoming a pirate along with Ace and Luffy. Sabo saved Luffy and Ace from the Bluejam Pirates by returning to his family, but he was seemingly killed as he tried to leave Dawn Island on his own when his raft was fired upon by World Nobles. Luffy and Ace spent the next few years training to fight so they could train to be stronger than anyone. Ace left the island when he turned 16, then Luffy left from Dawn Island a year later when he was 17. As he left, he defeated the sea monster that took Shanks' arm with a single punch.


    One Piece Volume 1 JPN (Dec 1997)
    One Piece Volume 1 JPN (Dec 1997)

    Moneky D. Luffy (モンキー・D・ルフィ, Monkī D. Rufi) is the lead protagonist of the series One Piece that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997.

    The finalized version of Luffy first appeared in One Piece Volume 1, CH. 1 "Romance Dawn"

    Eiichiro Oda took inspiration for Luffy from the Akira Toriyama series, Dragon Ball. Luffy is an innocent and often simple minded character, but very honest and kind.

    Luffy's originally appeared two previous one shots stories before the creation of the final in One Piece, and both were titled "Romance Dawn". Only minor changes were made and Luffy's design and personality remained the same through from the beginning. Both versions of the story had Luffy interacting in some way with a Nami-like character. The goal of both of these Luffys differ from the final version to be King of the Pirates.

    • Romance Dawn Version 1: This version of Luffy actually had some intelligence, but no named attacks. At the end of this one shot is the only adult Luffy drawn by Oda.
    • Romance Dawn Version 2: This Luffy is far closer the the final version then in the first attempt. He had his silly and innocent personality. In this story Luffy got the Devil Fruit from his grandfather. "Romance Dawn Version 2" was published in the Eiichiro Oda book, Wanted!.

    Character Evolution

    " One day I'll have a ship and a crew better than yours!! And we'll have the biggest hoard of treasure in the world!! I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!! "

    Monkey D. Luffy "One Piece" Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    Not much has changed in the evolution of the character Luffy in the One Piece series. His basic design has remained the same, but with only subtle changes to his clothes. Originally, Luffy had always had his vests buttoned close, but later on it was always open and he was given a more lean muscular body. The color scheme has changed in his clothes with each story arc that followed the Davy Back Fight Arc, but the design remained the same. The greatest evolution for Luffy has been in the use of his Gum-Gum Devil Fruit powers, finding new and inventive ways to change the shape and increase the power with each new powerful foe. After the Thriller Bark Arc, a sleeping power was awakened in Luffy called Haki, but he would remain unaware of this talent for some time.

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    In the war of Whitebeard Pirates versus the Marines, Luffy witnessed the death of his brother Ace before his very eyes, and suffered near fatal injuries himself at the hands of Admiral Akainu. In failing to save his brother, Luffy saw himself as weak and began to question his dream of being the King of the Pirates. Through the intervention of the fish-man Jimbei and first mate of the Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh; he realized he still had his crew to live for but would need to become much stronger. For two years the crew was separated, and in that time Luffy was trained to use his abilities of Haki by Rayleigh. The injuries he suffered from Akainu left a large X-shaped scar across his chest. He would be reunited with his crew at Sabaody Archipelago and sail off to Fish-man Island to begin their adventure again in the second half of the Grand Line called The New World.

    Major Story Arcs

    Romance Dawn

    Taking a hit from Alvida without any damage
    Taking a hit from Alvida without any damage

    Luffy's voyage took a bad turn when he was sleeping in a barrel and it was grabbed up by the Alvida Pirates. Luffy met Coby, a boy who was abducted by Alvida and forced to work for her. He wanted to be a Navy officer, but too scared to leave Alvida. Luffy fought with Alvida when she attacked, but Luffy defeated her with a single strike. Luffy and Coby left for Shell Town, where he heard the Pirate Hunter Zoro was being held.

    Shell Town Arc

    Zoro and Luffy Meet
    Zoro and Luffy Meet

    In Shell Town, Coby and Luffy found Zoro tied to a cross. He was staying there without food or water for one month as a challenge from Helmeppo and save a young girl and her mother from retaliation. Luffy freed Zoro when it was revealed Helmeppo wasn't going to honor his deal, and together they defeated the corrupt Navy commander, Axe Hand Morgan. Zoro agreed to join Luffy, and Luffy attacked Coby in front of the Navy so they wouldn't believe they were associated. That was Coby was able to stay and live out his own dream.

    Orange Town Arc

    Luffy meeting Nami
    Luffy meeting Nami

    Luffy rashed into Orange Town after being carried by a giant bird. He crashed in the middle of some pirates who were chasing a young girl named Nami. She first used him to distract the pirates chasing her. She was interested in joining Luffy until she learned he was a pirate then tried turning him into Buggy the Clown. However, she then risked her life to save Luffy when Buggy planned to kill him. They escaped with the help of Zoro. They then met the mayor Boodle and a dog named Shu-Shu.

    When Buggy started attacking the town to weed them out, Luffy and the gang retaliated to stop the mayor from getting himself killed. To his surprise, Luffy learned that Buggy was on the save crew as Shanks but held a grudge against him. In the fight, Buggy used his knives to damage the straw hat. With some help from Nami, Luffy defeated Buggy and blew him off the island. They had to run away, becasue the town;s people returned and thought they were the attackers. He left Buggy's treasure behind so they could rebuild.

    Island of Rare Animals

    Out to sea, Nami repaired Luffy's straw hat, and the three landed on the Island of Rare Animals. It was rumored to be haunted by a spirit, but the only person there was a man stuck inside a treasure chest named Gaimon, and a menagerie of odd mismatch animals. He had been left behind by his own crew, and being stuck in this chest he couldn't reach some treasure chests he saw at the top of a small peak. Luffy went up there to check the treasure, but refused to give them to him. Not because he was greedy. They were empty, and didn't want Gaimon to feel bad for trying to get them for so many years. They left Gaimon with the animals that he realized are his real treasures.

    Syrup Village Arc

    When Luffy met Usopp on the next island, he recognized the named from the stories he heard form Shanks's crew member Yasopp. Luffy wanted to ask Usopp's friend Kaya for a ship since she was from a rich family, but he got dragged into a conspiracy when he over heard a plot to kill Kaya by her butler Klahadore, who was actually the infamous Captain Kuro. When Kaya refusd to believe Usopp, Luffy and the gang decided to head off his arriving crew. Unfortunately, they were on the wrong coast, and Luffy got lost as he rushed to the right one. He arrived just in time to help his crew.

    Luffy fell prey to the powers of Jango the Hypnotist. First super powered with rage, then knocked out to sleep. Nami woke him up in time to fight off Kuro himself. Luffy was enraged as Kuro began attacking his own men, and defeated him with ease once he caught hold of the man. As they were leaving, Kaya offered them the Going Merry use use as their ship. Luffy then invited Usopp to join his crew.

    Baratie Arc

    Defeating Don Krieg
    Defeating Don Krieg

    The crew ran into some old bounty hunter friends of Zoro, Johnny and Yosaku; and they advised them to head for Baratie if they were looking for a cook. Luffy accidentally damaged the floating restaurant in his fight outside with Captian Fullbody. He was forced by Chef Zeff to work as a busboy for a year. During his work, he met Sanji, a chef who fed a starving pirate despite not being able to pay. Unfortunately, the pirate that Sanji fed returned with his captain, Don Krieg; and Nami had stolen the Going Merry.

    Events got even more chaotic as Hawkeyes Mihawk sailed in to finish off Krieg's crew. Luffy went into a rage when he though Mihawk had killed Zoro, but he was still alive. Luffy turned his attention to Krieg and fought him to wipe out his debt to Zeff. Luffy crushed Krieg's weapons and armor, but was caught in a net and fell into the sea. Sanji saved him, then agreed to join Luffy. Yosaku returned when they learned where Nami was heading, and they sailed off with Sanji on his ship.

    Arlong Park Arc

    Coming to Nami's rescue
    Coming to Nami's rescue

    The trip to Nami's home island was eventful when they were attacked by a sea-cow monster, and they then literally crashed on the island. Nami offered to give them their ship back so they would leave, but Luffy refused. Later, Nojiko, Nami's sister, offered to tell them about Nami's past, but he refused to listen. His mind was already made up that he wanted Nami as his navigator.

    Luffy had witnessed as Nami tried to stop her village from attacking Arlong once it was revealed he had betrayed his deal with her. She stopped Nami from stabbing the Arlong mark on her shoulder. When she asked for his help, Luffy had put his precious hat on Nami's head and left to Arlong Park. Luffy accidentally fell into the sea during the battle, but went into a heated fight once freed. This fight worked it's way into Arlong Park and the room he had kept Nami in to make his maps. He went into a rage seeing how Nami had suffered under Arlong. He both defeated Arlong and destroyed Arlong Park. Nami agreed to join the crew, and there was a huge party. During the celebrations, Luffy met Genzo at a grave. He made Luffy promise to protect Nami's smile.

    Loguetown Arc

    On the trip to Loguetown, the crew discovered that Luffy had a wanted poster and a bounty of 30 Million Berries for his actions in defeating Arlong. They were now calling him "Straw Hat Luffy". While on Lougetown, Luffy got caught in a trap by Buggy the Clown and Alvida. He was only saved by a lightning bolt that struck the execution grounds. As the crew were running from the island, Luffy ran into Smoker of the Navy. Luffy's powers from ineffective against the logia powers of Smoker and was nearly captured. He never saw who stopped Smoker becasue he was blown away by a powerful wind. Back aboard the Going Merry, the crew left for Reverse Mountain.

    Reverse Mountain Arc

    Just as the crew entered the Grand Line, they nearly crashed into a giant whale named Laboon. Luffy was stuck outside while the rest were swallowed up with the ship. Although, he found a hatch that led him inside the monster whale. He reunited with his crew after crashing into two weirdos called Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9.The crew was released form the whale's stomach by it's doctor, Crocus. He explained that Laboon had been crashing into the Red Line to try and find the pirate crew that left him behind, but the injuries would eventually kill him. Luffy started a fight with the whale, but ended it abruptly with the promise he would return. Luffy painted his mark on the whale's head so he wouldn't damage the park of their promise. Before they left, Crocus gave the crew a log pose, and they sailed off with Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 to Whiskey Peak.

    Baroque Works Saga - Whiskey Peak Arc

    Miss All-sunday(Robin)
    Miss All-sunday(Robin)

    Whiskey Peak seemed like an island that welcomed pirates, but they were actually bounty hunters who used their hospitality as a trap. A trap Luffy fell for. He woke up to find the people injured and though Zoro had gone crazy. Nami stopped their fight to order them to protect Miss Wednesday, who was actually princess Nefertari Vivi of Alabasta. She had infiltrated Baroque Works to find the cause of the civil war breaking out in her country. She discovered that the Warlord, Sir Crocodile was behind it all, but now this information made the rest of the crew wanted by Baroque Works. As they were leaving, Miss All Sunday, Crocodile's second in command, appeared on the ship to offer them a safe route, but Luffy refused her help. She then left without incident.

    Baroque Works Saga - Little Garden Arc

    The island of Little Garden was next on their trip. As Luffy and Vivi explored, they learned it was inhabited by dinosaurs and two dueling giants. Luffy befriended Dorry, but someone slipped the giant a bomb to injured him. Dorry thought it was Luffy, but it was actually several Baroque Works agents. Luffy fonud that Zoro, Nami, and Vivi were in a diabolic trap of Mr. 3. He tried to save them but was constantly thwarted by the paint of Miss Goldenweek, who could control emotions. Usopp came to the rescue, and Luffy defeated Mr. 3 despite him trying to hide in a small forest of wax duplicates. When he returned, they learned Sanji had spoken to Crocodile and convinced them they were dead and even got an eternal pose to Alabasta.

    Baroque Works Saga - Drum Island Arc

    Luffy telling Chopper to join the crew
    Luffy telling Chopper to join the crew

    The trip to Alabasta was cut short when Nami fell deathly sick, and they ran across a pirate called Wapol. They came across a winter island they refused to let them ashore. Luffy had to beg for help. There was only one wild witch doctor at the top of the giant drum mountains.. Nami was strapped to Luffy's back and Sanji joined along the journey. They were attacked by wild snow beasts, and Sanji was injured in an avalanche. Luffy had to climb the mountain carrying the both of them and got them to the top.

    Luffy woke up to the sight of a talking reindeer named Chopper. At first, Luffy tried eating the reindeer until he noticed he talked, then he wanted him for his crew. When Wapol attacked the castle, Luffy helped Chopper to defend the location and the pirate mark flying at the top. Luffy blew Wapol off the island, then kept pestering Chopper to join him. Luffy refused to entertain Choppers refusal and just told him to join. Chopper relented and they finally had a doctor.

    Baroque Works Saga - Alabasta Arc

    The arrival at Alabasta was hectic since Smoker had been waiting for them to arrive. Luckly, Luffy's brother, Portgas D. Ace, was there and aided their escape. Back on the Going Merry, Ace game Luffy a piece of paper that he said would help them meet again. Luffy asked Nami to sew it into the bring of his hate for safe keeping. The plan to stop the civil was was ruined when the rebels were no longer in their base of Yuba, and Luffy refused to let Vivi keep risking her own life. He wanted her to let them risk their lives too. Vivi relented to lead then to Crocodile's base, but they all got caught in one of his traps, along with Smoker.

    Gomu Gomu no Storm
    Gomu Gomu no Storm

    The crew escaped Crocodile's trap and e ordered Zoro to also rescue Smoker. Luffy stayed behind to fight Corocile to the rest could run, but Luffy lost his battle. He was later saved from a sandy tomb by Miss All Sunday. The Alabasta guard, Pell, arrived and they both arrived to the capital just in time to save Vivi. Luffy was ready for his rematch with Crocodile with his weakness, water. Without the water, luffy lost this fight, but caught up to them in the catacombs under the city. This time, Luffy was using his own blood to hit Crocodile. He knocked Crocodile through the solid bedrock and into the sky. Luffy was poisoned in this fight, but Miss All Sunday gave Nefertari Cobra the antidote. Luffy carried them all out of the collapsing tombs despite Miss All Sunday's protest to leave her behind.

    The crew's farewell to Vivi
    The crew's farewell to Vivi

    After some rest and a party, the Straw Hats had to leave to avoid Navy capture. Surprisingly enough, they were helped by Mr. 2, Bon Clay. He impersonated the crew and was captured in their place. Vivi met the crew at the shore to say her goodbyes. When they couldn't call out to her out of fear of incriminating the princess in front of the Navy. The crew turned their backs and showed her the X marks they put on their arms as a sign of their friendship.

    Jaya Arc

    Miss All Sunday, who's real name is Nico Robin, had stowed away on their ship and wanted Luffy to accept her on the crew. Luffy accepted despite his crew's objections, and soon after a giant galleon nearly fell on them from the sky. The evidence they found led to the idea it came form a sky island. They searched to the island of Jaya and had a run-in with the Bellamy Pirates. Though, Luffy refused to fight their captain, and he met a strange man outside of the bar. Robin did return with a clue to meet Montblanc Cricket. He had been searching the local waters for many years for a city of gold his ancestor had found. He had an idea of how they could get to the sky islands using the Knock-Up Steam. While Luffy and the gang were searching for a South Bird, Cricket and his men were attacked and robbed by Bellamy. Now with a reason to fight, Luffy went to get Cricket's treasures back, and he defeated Bellamy with a single punch. He returned just in time to hit the Knock-Up Stream and be launched into the sky.

    Skypiea Arc

    The crew was attacked by a wild man in the white sea, but they were rescued by a knight named Gan Fal. What started as a vacation on Skypiea became a conflict as the local authorities seemed to be trying to find any excuse to fine them, the the Going Merry was taken away by the forces of God Eneru to the Upper Yard. Only Lussy, Sanji, and Usopp were left. They had to travel through Upper Yard and face the trials to get to the crew. They faced the trial of Satori, and he seemed to be able to read their minds. He wasn't enough to stop the Straw Hats all together. When they finally caught up to the crew, Nami revealed that she discovered that Upper Yard was once a part of Jaya from the blue sea.

    The plan to raid the Jaya lost city of gold went astray as the war between Eneru and Shandian forces broke out, and Luffy wound up getting lost then swallowed by a giant python. Nami, Gan Fal, and Aisa were also swallowed up later. When Luffy finally got free later, he found that Nami had gone with Eneru and he planned to destroy Skypiea. Luffy faced Eneru, and he was completely immune to his lightning powers. He did fall off the flying arc with a giant ball of gold melted over his arm. He raced up the giant jack not realizing that Nami had already escaped, but he later helped him reach Eneru to stop him from destroying the island, and striking the Shandian Belfry Fell. This was for Cricket in the sea below to know the lost city was in the sky. The crew gathered the gold Luffy spotted inside the python, and they returned to the blue sea with the people seeing them off.

    Davy Back Fight Arc

    Akoiji freezing Luffy
    Akoiji freezing Luffy

    While on Lonering Longland, Luffy got caught up in the Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates. The Straw Hats lost the first water race due to Foxy using his Slow-Slow Fruit powers. Zoro and Sanji won the second game with Nami's help, and it was all left to a final duel between Luffy and Foxy. This fight tool place of Foxy's ship, and it was filled with traps. Luffy was at a disadvantage becasue of Foxy's powers, but he turned those against him with a piece of mirror. Luffy took the Foxy's mark but he made them a new one.

    Back at Tonjit's home, they me with Admiral Aokiji. When he froze Robin's body and tried to kill her, Luffy saved her frozen body and tossed her off to Chopper to be rescued. Luffy challenged the Navy admiral to a one-on-one duel, but he was easily defeated. Still, Aokiji honored their duel and didn't go after Luffy's crew. Luffy was thawed out later with Robin.

    Water Seven Arc

    In Water Seven, they cashed in their treasure and got 300 million for it. It seemed they could get the Going Merry repaired, but the renowned Galley-La workers gave them the bad news that the Merry couldn't be repaired. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper went to later avenge Usopp when the Franky Family robbed and beat him up for the 200 million he had been carrying. However, Usopp refused to leave the Going Merry behind. He both abandoned the crew and challenge Luffy to a duel. Usopp lost, and Luffy left the ship to him as the crew went into the island. The next morning, the Straw Hats were wanted for attempted murder of Iceburg, the town's popular mayor.

    They waited outside for the attackers to return, and they found Robin was among the CP-9. Before Luffy could stop them, he was grabbed by Rob Lucci and thrown across town and got stuck between two buildings. Nami found Luffy and told him she learned that Robin only helped the CP-9 to protect them, and they were taking her to Eneis Lobby to die. Luffy broke free, and the crew hopped aboard another sea train for Eneis Lobby. They were joined by some of the Galley-La worker and Franky Family, since their boss had also been taken.

    Enies Lobby Arc

    Luffy's Jet Gatling Gun against Rob Lucci
    Luffy's Jet Gatling Gun against Rob Lucci

    Luffy didn't wait according to the plan and jumped onto Enies Lobby alone. He fought through the Navy soldiers till he reached the top of the tower over the gorge. Luffy battled Blueno, and he revealed his Gear Second technique. This gave Luffy the win, and he finally confronted Robin when the rest of the crew caught up to him. Spandam, the man holding Robin threatened Luffy with the flag of the World Government, and Luffy had Sogeking, Usopp in disguise, burn the flag down. He was willing to go to war with the world to save Robin and he wanted her to say that she wanted to live. The crew got to the other side by jumping on the speeding sea train and crashed. Fukuro told them that one of the CP-9 had the key to Robin's sea stone cuffs. Luffy went after Robin while the rest of the crew fought to find the right key.

    Luffy caught up to Rob Lucci and the two came to blows. The deadly assassin held Luffy off with his Six Powers techniques. No matter how injured or times he was knocked down, Luffy kept standing up. He knew if he didn't defeat him that Lucci would kill his friends. Luffy used both Gear Second and Gear Third in this fight. With the last of his strength, he used the Jet Gatling attack to finally crush Lucci, but he had no more strength to move his body. Robin used her powers to pull Luffy into the sea, and the crew fell onto the Going Merry. Their ship cracked in half on the way back to Water Seven, and they were forced to give their ship a viking funeral.

    Luffy was asleep for three days and he was woken up by his grandfather attacking him. He was also joined by Coby and Helmeppo. Garp told Luffy and the rest about his father Dragon. This was the first time Luffy heard his father's name, and Robin had to explain who the Revolutionaries were. Franky had offered to build the crew a new ship, Luffy's bounty went up to 300 million, and the rest of the crew now had bounties. Several days later, the crew escaped Garp's pursuit aboard the Thousand Sunny with Franky and their shipwright, and Usopp rejoined the crew after apologizing.

    Thriller Bark Arc

    Nightmare Luffy saving Nami and Usopp
    Nightmare Luffy saving Nami and Usopp

    Aboard a ghost ship in the Florian Triangle, Luffy met a talking skeleton named Brook, and Luffy invited him to join his crew. Soon after, the ship was caught in a trap on Thriller Bark. Luffy and the gang explored the island to look for Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, and they found it filled with zombies. On the way to the castle they were directed to, an old man asked for their help to stop Gecko Moria, a Warlord, who was using his powers to steal shadows of people to power his zombie army. Luffy got captured and his shadow stolen to power the giant Oars.

    When Luffy woke up, he tasked Sanji to save Nami as he went after Moria. Luffy got lost chasing the shadow of Moria around and came across a group of people who were stealing shadows and collecting them. When they put all the shadows inside Luffy, this gave him an intense but temporary power-up. By himself, Luffy was tossing around Oars like he was nothing. Though with the Nightmare Luffy passed, it took the united crew to crush Oars. All that was left was Moria, but he absorbed all the shadows he had stolen. With one last desperate move, Luffy defeated Moria to free everyone's shadows before the sun rose. Luffy was passed out when Bartholomew Kuma attacked, and they all agreed to keep this incident form him.

    Before they were ready to leave Thriller Bark, Luffy remembered the paper he got from Ace back in Alabasta was just like the paper Lola gave Nami. This is a Vivre Card linked to the life force of a person. When Luffy checked Ace's card, it was smaller and burning. This was a sign of the person's life force dying. Still, Luffy opted to continue the journey since Lola also explain that the paper will return to normal when the person gets better. He knew ace wouldn't want Luffy interfering in his adventure.

    Sabaody Archipelago Arc

    Luffy rescued Camie the mermaid and she knew someone who could help them get to Fish-Man Island, but he was captured by kidnappers. When they came to the rescue, they discovered it was Hatchan, of the Arlong Pirates. Luffy refused to help him until Nami gave her approval. Hatchan in turn directed them to Sabaody Archipelago to find a coating engineer friend. In the search of Hatchan's friend, Camie was abducted to be sold in slavery. Luffy arrived in a crash into the auction house just as Camie had been bought by Saint Charlos of the Celestial Dragons. When Charlos shot Hatchan for being a fish-man, Luffy decked the arrogant royal across the auditorium. Though, this ignited a Navy invasion of the island. Luffy fought off the soldiers along with Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid. Silvers Rayleigh guided the crew back to Shakky's bar, and told them the truth behind Gold Roger's capture.

    The idea for the clue to lay low while Rayleigh worked on the coating hit a roadblock when a person who appeared to be Bartholomew Kuma stood in their path. The entire crew barely managed to stop this cyborg copy, and more arrived with Sentomaru and Admiral Kizaru. The Straw Hats were overwhelmed and Luffy ordered a complete retreat. Rayleigh held off Kizaru, but the real Kuma arrived. He used his powers to cause all of Luffy's friends to disappear. No matter how hard Luffy tried, he couldn't stop Kuma casting away everyone. He was grief stricken by his failure to protect them, then Kuma cast Luffy away with the message that they would never meet again.

    Amazon Lily Arc

    Luffy fighting the Boa sisters
    Luffy fighting the Boa sisters

    Luffy found himself flying through the sky for three day and landed on Amazon Lily. He accidentally ate some parasitic mushrooms that overtook his body, and he was found by Marguerite and her friends. He found himself in a jail cell once it was discovered he was a man. He broke free and took Marguerite with him since she had the Vivre card from Rayleigh. Luffy needed a way off the island and he was in search of someone important when he crashed into the bath of Boa Hancock. She seemed enraged that he saw the mark on her back, and was soon captured. Marguerite, Sweatpea, and Aphelandra tried to defend Luffy, But Hancock turned them to stone with her powers for helping him. Luffy fought with the Boa Sandersonia and Marigold in their transformed state, and he inadvertently used Coqueror's Haki on the crowd when Sandersonia threatened to destroy the statue of Marguerite. The fight was canceled when Luffy risk injury to help hide the mark on Sandersonia's back. Hancock gave Luffy a cruel test to decide between leaving Amazon Lily or reviving Marguerite and the others, but he didn't hesitate to pick the girls.

    Later that night, Hancock revealed to Luffy the mark on her back was the symbol burned onto all the slaves of the Celestial Dragons. As young girls, they were captured and enslaved. They didn't want anyone to know about their past. After the party that night, Luffy learned through Granny Nyon that Ace was scheduled to be executed after he was captured by Blackbeard. Luffy convinced Hancock to help him stow away on a Navy ship to Impel Down, where Ace was being held.

    Impel Down Arc

    Luffy fighting Magellan
    Luffy fighting Magellan

    Luffy hid in Hancock's cabin on the Navy ship while they traveled to Impel Down. He hid in her robes as she entered then went off on his own. In the underwater prison levels, Luffy ran into Buggy, Mr. 3 and Bon Clay. Each level had a new challenge, but on Level 4 Luffy fought Warden Magellan. Luffy lost this fight and was overdosed in hi5 various poisons. He was rescued from Level 5 by Bon Clay, and found by the underground forces of Emporio Ivankov. Ivankov offered Luffy a possible cure that could take off years of his life or even kill him. Luffy took this chance and recovered faster than expected.

    Ivankov was willing to help Luffy when he accidentally revealed he was Dragon's son. They were too late to save Ace before he was taken off to Marineford. In Level 6, they did free Jimbei and Sir Crocodile as allies for their escape. On the fight out, Luffy ran into Blackbeard, who he remembered seeing in Jaya. Jimbei had to hold Luffy back from fighting since they didn't have the time. The prisoners managed to steal a Navy ship and managed to get through the Gates of Justice only because Bon Clay had stayed behind.

    Marineford Arc

    Ace dies shielding Luffy
    Ace dies shielding Luffy

    Luffy and the gang crashed onto Marineford in the middle of the war. Luffy first had to fight through the elite of the Navy and the Seven Warlords. Hancock saved Luffy from Smoker and passed him the key to Ace's cuffs. During the battle, Fleet Admiral Sengoku revealed to the world the Luffy is the son of Dragon. When Dracule Mihawk tried to stop Luffy, he was supported by Whitebeard's Vista. In a bold act, Luffy challenged all three of the admirals, but this was only to distract them and get past to Ace. Luffy risked his own life to continue his fight, and he was given and energy boost by Emporio Ivankov. Luffy was forced to to fight with Garp, but got past and freed Ace. The pair fought together and were a devastating pair.

    However, Luffy eventually collapsed from exhaustion. In that moment of weakness, Admiral Akainu jumped in to strike. Ace then suffered a mortal wound shielding Luffy. He collapsed in Luffy's arms and gave him his final words. He thanked Luffy and his friends for making him happy to be alive, and he was sorry he'd never get to see Luffy live out his dream.

    Facing the death of his brother and the blood on his hands was too much for Luffy. He went catatonic in grief. Jimbei, Ivankov, Whitebeard Pirates, and even Buggy were protecting Luffy from Akainu. Though, he still managed to strike Luffy across his chest. He was carried aboard Trafalgar Law's submarine, and his life was saved by Law.

    Dawn Island Arc

    When Luffy woke in the Heart Pirates' Sub, he was heavily bandaged and in a rampage of rage and sorrow. He was screaming for Ace and ran into the forest of Amazon Lily. He destroyed everything around him in his rage until Jimbie arrived. He then had to admit that Ace was dead, and he broke down crying. He thought his dream was foolish, because he was too weak to be king of the pirates. He fought Jiimbie, who was trying to stop him from hurting himself; and he told Luffy to stop focusing on what he had lost and remember what he had to live for. Once Luffy calmed down, he remembered his crew and desperately wanted to see them again. Jimbei carried him back to the Heart Pirates, but they had left. Rayleigh was there to meet with Luffy. Boa Hancock soon arrived with her sisters and Granny Nyon. Rayleigh had a proposal for Luffy as a plan for him to get stronger and send a message to his crew. Luffy agreed to go to Marineford with Rayleigh and Jimbei.

    Luffy's secret message
    Luffy's secret message

    They highjacked a Marine ship and made it to Marineford. Luffy had the message "3D2Y" written on his right arm. The island was filled with reporters, and they followed Luffy as he went ashore with Rayleigh and Jimbie. Luffy went to the Ox Bell and rang it sixteen times, tossed a bouquet of flowers into the chasm, and took off his hat to pray for Ace. This picture was put in the papers that went across the world. Luffy then left the island and were picked up by the Kuja Pirates. The message was for the crew not to meet in three days, has they originally planned; but in two years. This was allow them all to train and get stronger. Luffy went to the island of Rusukaina, near Amazon Lily. Rayleigh taught Luffy about Haki and how to use it. They would remain on this island for the two years to survive. Luffy took off his straw hat and placed it on a rock to put his dream on hold.

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    Luffy, two years later
    Luffy, two years later

    Luffy's training was completed sooner than expected, but Luffy stayed the whole two years to further refine what he learned. Hancock arrived to pick him up and return to Sabaody. Once ashore, he ran into a gang who were trying to impersonate the Straw Hats, but they were exposed when the Navy arrived with Pacifista. Luffy reunited with the crew, he thanked them for their patients, and they set sail for Fish-Man Island with Hancock blocking the Navy ships.

    During the undersea trip, the crew ran into a Kraken that Luffy tamed and named Surume, and some fish-men threatened them to join the New Fish-Man Pirates. Luffy refused and they launched into Fish-Man island past them. The crew got separated, and Luffy woke up in Camie's apartment. Their fun was ruined when Sanji suffered a near fatal nosebleed, but they were all invited by King Neptune to the castle after Sanji was saved. Luffy got tired waiting for the east and wondered into the room of Princess Shirahoshi. He convinced the princess to leave her fortress and go for a walk while he protected her. They met up with Jimbei near the grave of Shirahoshi's mother, and he told the crew about Queen Otohime.

    Jimbei convinced Luffy to help him in defeating Hody Jones from trying to kill the royal family. and they joined the war at Conchcorde Plaza. Luffy hid in the belly of Megalo, and jumped out to save Neptune. Luffy used his Conqueror's Haki to knock out 50,000 of Hody's men then took on Hody himself. The New Fish-Man Pirates leader was more of a challenge because of the energy steroid he was abusing. Their fight made it's way into the ocean as he tried to stop Hody from killing Shirahoshi, and the giant ark Noah was crashing into the island. All of Luffy's moves were weakened due to the water, but Luffy defeated Hody and was trying to destroy Noah before it destroyed the island and killed everyone. Luffy was saved from his blood loss by a transfusion from Jimbei, and Luffy asked him to join the crew. Jimbei told him he would join the crew after he had dealt with other obligations.

    In the midst of their celebrations, Luffy ran across two of Big Mom.s crew. He started a fight with Big Mom herself when she threatened to destroy Fish-Man Island just for not meeting her quota of candy. Luffy took on the blame and promised to make Fish-Man Island his territory. The crew set sail from Fish-Man Island, and Luffy promised to return to take Shirahoshi for a walk to the surface.

    Punk Hazard Island Arc

    The pirate alliance
    The pirate alliance

    The arrival in the New World was distracted by a distress call that led them to Punk Hazard. Luffy went ashore on the island covered in fire with Zoro, Usopp, and Robin; and they ran into a dragon that had a pair talking human legs attached. Upon searching further, they saw the other half of the island was covered in ice, and Brook called telling them the rest of the crew had been captured to the ice side. Luffy ran into Trafalgar Law on the other side, and he directed him to where he could find his crew. They were held up with kids they rescued, but their minds and bodies were switch from Law's powers. He then learned head that belonged to the legs Luffy found belonged to the samurai, Kin'emon. Luffy again ran into Law as he was saving Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers, and Law offered to form an alliance with Luffy's crew to defeat Kaido, one of the Four Emperors. Luffy agreed, and the first part of the plan was to capture Caesar Clown.

    Luffy and his crew were defeated by Caesar's Gas-Gas powers and locked in a cage with his crew, Smoker, and Tashigi. Law told them how the events on the island were being directed by Don Quixote Doflamingo. Caesar tried killing his prisoners by putting them out into the poison gas now flooding the island, but they broke back inside. Luffy went right after Caesar, but he was protected by Monet. Luffy's escape accidentally crashed him into the garbage depths below, and in there me met a talking dragon named Momonosuke. Momonosuke told him how he learned the kids Caesar had been experimenting on would die in a few years. They escaped, and Luffy went after Caesar, this time Luffy crushed Caesar and blew him out of the facility. They left Punk Hazard with Law to head for Dressrosa as the first part of the plan to defeat Kaido.

    Dressrosa Arc

    Luffy joins the Corrida tournament as Lucy
    Luffy joins the Corrida tournament as Lucy

    Though the plan on Dressrosa was to discover the SMILE factory, Luffy became distracted as he learned that Doflamingo was offering Ace's Flame-Flame fruit as a prize for the tournament at Corrida Colosseum. This was obviously a trap to lure him, so Luffy entered under the name Lucy. He was placed in Block C. However, it didn't take long for him to slip his identity when approached by one of his grandfather's old rivals, Don Chinjao. A fight begin between Luffy, Don Chinjao and an other pirate, Cavendish (who also hate Luffy). Luffy punch Chinjao in the head but it didn't hurt him. The Colosseum's army stop the fight. After watching Bloc B fight, Luffy enter the arena in the Bloc C fight. He tame a bull and ride him. When the bull hit Hajrudin's leg, he smash them (Luffy and the bull) to the ground with his shield (Hajrudin is a giant). Luffy was enraged and send Hajrudin to the ground with one punch. After some fights, Luffy and Chinjao are remaining. The fight begin and it appears that Chinjao have the Conqueror's Haki too.

    Powers & Abilities

    Luffy possesses immense strength, durability, speed, reflexes, agility, endurance and stamina. He is rash and tends to use his fists first before talking, but his strong will and warming personality makes even the greatest of villains side with him when he is in need.

    Devil Fruit

    When Luffy was a child he ate the Gum Gum Fruit that Shanks brought back from the Grand Line, unaware of what it really was. His body took on the properties of rubber. This gives his entire body the consistency of rubber. Making him near immune to most blunt attacks. His body will just absorb most attacks, even bullets. Though he isn't immune from cuts. He can also make his body stretch and mold to various shapes. Just to snap back. Luffy is often inspired by things he sees when creating new attacks. It's normally up to chance if they work or backfire.

    Attack Names: All of Luffy's attacks start with the prefix of "Gum Gum" or "Gomu Gomu no" in the original material".

    Names Of Luffy's Attacks

    NameFirst AppearanceInfo
    Gum Gum PistolVol. 1Luffy stretches his arm out and launches his fist at his opponent
    Gum Gum RocketVol. 1Luffy stretches both of his arms out and grabs a solid object and then launches himself
    Gum Gum RifleVol. 30Luffy stretches and twists his arm out and launches his spinning fist at his opponent
    Gum Gum GatlingVol. 4Luffy rapidly punches his opponent at a high speed.
    Gum Gum BulletVol. 8Luffy stretches his arm out at a long distance and launches his fist at his opponent
    Gum Gum BazookaVol. 3Luffy stretches both of his arms out at a long distance and launches a open palm at his opponent, sending them flying
    Gum Gum CannonVol. 35Luffy rapidly punches the air to build up speed and then hits his opponent with both fists
    Gum Gum ShotgunVol. 22Luffy starts the attack like a Gum Gum Pistol, but he twangs his arm before his fist can hit
    Gum Gum BellVol. 5Luffy grabs his opponent and then stretches his neck out a long distance and launches a powerful headbutt at his opponent
    Gum Gum BalloonVol. 2Luffy blows up like a balloon to deflect opponent's attacks
    Gum Gum Finger NetVol. 11Luffy stretches and entwines his fingers to make a net
    Gum Gum StompVol. 14Luffy stretches his leg out and launches his foot at his opponent
    Gum Gum StormVol. 23Luffy blows up like a balloon and then twists his body around then launching himself at his opponent while rapidly punching and spinning
    Gum Gum Human ShieldVol. 39Luffy grabs the nearest person and puts them in front of the enemy's attack
    Gum Gum Ally RobotVol. 57Luffy grabs and wraps around a enemy and forces them to attack there allies
    Gum Gum OctopusVol. 30Luffy goes limp making it easy to dodges attacks
    Gum Gum Octopus FireworksVol. 30Luffy goes limp and rapidly punches at a wall causing his punches to be unpredictable
    Gum Gum FireworksVol. 26Luffy jumps into the air and rapidly spins and punches and kick rapidly at his opponents
    Gum Gum Munch MunchVol. 20Luffy inflates his head and bites down on his opponent
    Gum Gum PinwheelVol. 10Luffy plants his feet into the ground, then grabs his opponent, then spins them around, throws them
    Gum Gum WhipVol. 1Luffy stretches his leg out and sweep kicks a group of opponents
    Gum Gum HammerVol. 2Luffy grabs his opponent and twists his body around
    Gum Gum Thank SaluteLuffy blows up like a balloon to deflect opponents attacks and send them back with double the force
    Gum Gum UFOLuffy spin his legs, causing him to hover

    Gear System

    Luffy's Gear Second
    Luffy's Gear Second

    After Luffy's utter defeat against the Marine Admiral Kuzan, Luffy developed a new system of fighting that he named Gear Second and Gear Third.

    Both gears are only possible to achieve due to Luffy's rubber anatomy. When activating Gear Second, Luffy uses his legs like pumps to increase the blood flow around his body. His organs, arteries and veins can handle the stress because of their rubber properties.

    Gear Second greatly increases Luffy's speed, perceptions and striking power and it has been crucial in order to beat the masters of the superhuman art of 'Rokushiki'- CP9. Luffy was able to land several attacks on Blueno without the CP9 member having any chances to react, who prior to Gear Second's activation was keeping pace with Luffy.

    The drawbacks to this technique as Rob Lucci pointed out, is that it's similar to 'doping' or using steroids, prolonged use in this form drastically reduces Luffy's stamina as it uses up a lot of energy.

    Pre time-skip Luffy activating Gear Third
    Pre time-skip Luffy activating Gear Third

    Gear Third exponentially increases Luffy's striking power, it works by Luffy first biting a small hole in between his thumb and fore finger, then blowing air into it, increasing the mass of his bones in his arm to the 'size of a giant.' Luffy is able to move the air to whichever limb he chooses, however this form reduces Luffy's speed considerably and before the timeskip Luffy's body reverted into a child like state after Gear Third's use for however long he used his Third Gear for, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

    It should be noted that Luffy has greatly improved his Gears after the two year timeskip in One Piece. He can now activate Gear Second with his arms as well as his legs and only target specific parts of his body to pump if he wishes. Luffy's Gear Third now doesn't revert him into a child like state, he can control the air placement much better and his speed reduction is lessened to a small degree.

    Luffy's Fourth Gear
    Luffy's Fourth Gear

    Gear Fourth is Luffy's most recent invention, he used this form to beat the Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo. Gear Fourth also termed 'Boundman' is activated by Luffy first coating his arm with Busoshoku Haki and biting into it and blowing air (similar to Gear Third's activation) at great pressure. But in this instance he inflates his muscular structure before distributing the air throughout his body, focusing on the upper half of his musculature.

    Luffy stands around 13 feet tall in this form, with his body disproportional, his arms, legs and part of his torso are coated with Busoshoku Haki. Due to the concentrated mass on Luffy's upper half, he is forced to constantly bounce, being unable to stand still.

    Luffy's power dramatically increases in this form, while Gear Second and Third were ineffective against the Warlord, Gear Fourth completely overwhelmed him, causing him to exclaim "What the hell is with this insane amount of force?" when Luffy punched him with his first named technique;Kong Gun.

    This form takes advantage of Luffy's rubber body, Luffy can compress his arms or legs into their sockets and fire them out with incredible speed and force due to his elasticity (increased ten fold according to Doflamingo due to Luffy's implementation of Busoshoku Haki) aiding his power. He is able to push off the air to pseudo fly in this form as well, akin to the Rokushiki technique 'Geppo.'

    Gear Fourth: Tankman

    No Caption Provided

    Debuting during the Whole Cake Island arc against Charlotte Cracker, Tankman is the second Gear Fourth form, Luffy has shown. This massive form came to be after Luffy ingested an abundance of Cracker's biscuits made possible by Nami dampening them. Tankman was ultimately used to defeat the eight hundred million+ Sweet Commander, when Luffy used his elasticity to partially absorb Cracker into him, then send him flying through his own hardened biscuits.

    It appears as though this is a circumstantial form, Luffy cannot enter at will.

    Gear Fourth: Snake Man

    No Caption Provided

    Making its first appearance against Sweet Commander and one billion berri bounty holder, Charlotte Katakuri, this G4 form is Luffy's latest power-up. Snake Man Luffy is smaller in stature to Tankman and uses less Haki as seen in the image: no CoA is seen on Luffy's chest.

    This form utilizes speed to the fullest, Luffy says it is his fastest form and the Culverin attacks he uses increases in speed after every rebound off the air.

    The most powerful attack is King Cobra which Luffy used to defeat Katakuri.


    Pre time-skip, no gears:

    Luffy in his 'base form' that is, before he developed gears 2 and 3, was in the multi-thousand ton range in terms of striking strength and in the several hundred ton range in regards to lifting strength. His feats are as follows:

    • Punched through dozens of meters of bedrock while dying of blood loss to destroy several city blocks and topple buildings, some of which were sky scrapers.
    • Ran several hundred feat up a bean stalk with a several hundred ton golden ball attached to his arm to then throw it fast enough to hit someone who has precognition and can move at the speed of lightning.
    • Punched humans hard enough to send people flying farther than the eye can see.
    • Easily destroy boulders with his blows.
    • Physically challenge giants who shake entire islands with the shock waves of their 1 on 1 fights.
    • Effortlessly overpower dinosaurs.
    • Physically stalemate Zoro who was strong enough to throw a mansion despite being near fatally wounded and dying of bloodloss.
    • Broken through Blueno's Tekkai which is much harder than steel.
    • Pushed apart two buildings with no leverage.
    • Wrestled with a giant who was powerful enough to blow a hole through an island eating fish with the aid of another giant
    • While bandaged up and recovering from severe fatigue and injury, Luffy has thrown a large rock formation with enough force to split a hill in half

    Pre time-skip, Gear 2nd

    As stated previously, Luffy's striking power increases exponentially when using Gear 2nd because his speed has gained a significant boost-kinetic energy = 12 × mass × speed2

    His feats are as follows:

    • Defeated the superhumanly durable Blueno one single hit, breaking through his most powerful Tekkai.
    • Defeated the superhumanly strong Awakened Zoan Minotaurus with a Jet Bazooka
    • Physically ragdoll the superhumanly strong Blueno who hours prior to their final confrontation embarrassed Luffy at the Galley La mansion.
    • Smash boulders
    • Destroy steel constructs.

    Pre time-skip Gear Third

    Luffy's selected limbs are the size of a giant in this form, so his attack momentum gains a major boost. His feats in his Gear 3rd form include:

    • Smashing through a several metre high, thick steel wall.
    • Easily breaking through Lucci's Tekkai and almost causing the CP9 member to pass out.
    • Destroying the monstrously strong and durable giant Oz's jaw and spinal column with a single Gigant Bazooka.
    • Finishing off a Pacifista with one powerful Gigant Pistol.
    • Causing huge damage to a marine battle ship and breaking metal by stamping on it with his giant sized foot.

    Post time-skip, no gears

    Luffy's 'base form' gained a dramatic increase in physical power over the course of his two year training period with Silvers Rayleigh. He is able to incorporate Bsushoku Haki into his blows for increased striking power. Some of his feats include:

    • Sending Hody jones flying over one hundred metres into the air to crash into a cliff, destroying multiple houses in the process. The technique he used was his 'Gomu Gomu no, Bullet' infused with Haki.
    • Bloodying Caesar Clown's face with a simple Busoshoku amped punch.
    • Causing shock waves from the impact of his blows powerful enough to send debris flying away from him.
    • Shoulder flipping a man over 15 feet tall with little effort.
    • Knock out a Warrior Giant with a Busoshoku amped punch.

    Post time-skip, Gear 2nd

    His feats of strength include:

    • Destroying a Pacifista in a single hit with a basic Jet Pistol coated in Haki. This feat is scarily impressive because he and his crew had to repeatedly hit a Pacifista with their best attacks over and over again to do damage before the two year time-skip.
    • Punching with such force that the ground shakes from the shock waves produced.
    • Physically hold his own against Doflamingo blow for blow.
    • Sending enemies flying through buildings with casual punches and kicks.

    Post time-skip Gear 3rd

    Luffy's striking power in this form has been improved significantly his natural strength gains from training and from the implementation of Busoshoku Haki. Some of his strength feats in this Gear include:

    • Knocking out the Kraken in a single Busoshoku amped Elephant Gun.
    • Punching through multiple city blocks to make an escape route.
    • Sending Caesar Clown flying hundreds of metres down a hall way with his Grizzly Magnum attack.
    • Being able to withstand Doflamingo's strings at high hypersonic speeds, which have been strong enough to dice meteors into chunks.
    • Easily smashing through large spikes.

    Post time-skip, Gear 4

    Luffy's elasticity is increased ten fold in this form, thereby increasing his striking power by a factor of 10. His feats include:

    • Astonishing Doflamingo with the power of his 'Kong Gun' and sending the Warlord flying across the city of Dressrosa to land in another district.
    • Folded a city in half just from the shock wave of his King Kong Gun. What makes this feat even more impressive is that it was accomplished while Luffy was extremely fatigued and after overpowering Doflamingo's most powerful offensive (God Thread) and defensive (Spider's Web) abilities.


    Luffy's speed is easily in the superhuman range even without using Gears 2 and 4 to amp himself.

    Pre time-skip, no Gears

    Some of his speed feats in 'base form' include;

    • Intercepting bullets after they've been fired.
    • Out racing bullets.
    • Dodging multiple bullets point blank from multiple shooters.
    • Being too fast for super sonic characters to track.
    • Tracking hypersonic characters and super sonic projectiles.
    • Hitting hypersonic characters before they could react.
    • Ran so fast he left a cloud of dust in his wake.
    • Scaling from Zoro, Luffy can dodge high hypersonic air blasts which are fired from a light speed burst.
    • Making sonic booms with his punches.
    • Running several hundred feat up a bean stalk despite having a sveral hundred ton golden ball weighing him down. He managed to tag someone who can move as fast as lightning has has precognition.

    Pre time-skip, Gear 2nd

    His feats include:

    • Moving so fast he appears to teleport.
    • Punching fast enough to create dozens of sonic booms in under a second.
    • Completely outclass the hypersonic Blueno in speed and land several attacks in quick succession before the CP9 member could react. Blueno's inferior team mate was fast enough to react to lightning.
    • Noticeably exceed Rob Lucci's combat speed (Lucci is 5x faster than Blueno)
    • Dodge high hypersonic lasers, albeit with considerable strain.

    Post time-skip, no Gears

    Luffy's combat speed and reaction speed have dramatically increased mainly due to his usage if Observation Haki, some of his speed feats include:

    • Effortlessly dodging 3 massively hypersonic lasers with his eyes closed and calling them "slow."
    • Effortlessly dodging a barrage of Mach 40+ water bullets even while moving towards them.
    • Out run a large explosion despite the fact that the explosive material was stuck to his body prior to detonation.
    • Hit Caesar and Hody jones before they could react.
    • React to Doflamingo's movements.
    • Dodging a bullet when the gun was just centimetres away from his skin.

    Post time-skip, Gear 2nd

    Luffy greatly improved his Second Gear over the time-skip and gained an even bigger speed boost.


    • Moving so swiftly the hypersonic Smoker in Tashigi's body perceived Luffy to be in multiple places at once.
    • Leaving after images.
    • Appearing to teleport.
    • Going blow for blow against Doflamingo who can move his limbs well in excess of mach 50.

    Post time-skip, Gear 4

    Luffy's speed is increased in this form, allowing him to outclass Doflamingo in combat speed whereas Gear 2nd only enabled Luffy to match him.

    Other forms

    On a few occasions, Luffy has needed some outside force to aid him in the defeat of an enemy. These are normally something that doesn't involve his rubber powers directly.

    • Water Luffy: The Water Luffy form was out of necessity to defeat Crocodile. The barrel of water he brought was useful, but it was too risky if he dropped it. That in mind, he drank all the water and was able to fire water bullets from his mouth.
    • Afro Luffy: During the Davy Back Fight against Foxy, Luffy wore an afro on Usopp's suggestion. He was told that it would increase his power and he believed it. This was more a psychological advantage. Everyone in the crew seemed to understand the effect but Nami.
    • Nightmare Luffy: This effect was most likely the most powerful Luffy has been to date with the use of some outside power to boost him. On Thriller Bark, Lola's pirate crew jammed 100 shadows into Luffy's body. This caused him to grow and have blue skin. Usopp and Nami could fit in his hands, and he had a barbaric appearance. Without the use of many of Moria's shadows this technique isn't possible to repeat. This form was so strong he canceled out Oz's Gum-Gum Rifle attack with a single hand, and tossed the massive giant around as if he were nothing.


    Haki (覇気, Haki) is a power that is possessed by all people, but few can actually use it. It's often unique to those with a strong enough will to control it. This power is strong enough to effectively hurt and hit Devil Fruit users, but even they can use this skill. Luffy is one of the few people in the world capable of using all three forms of Haki.

    • Observation Haki: (見聞色, Kenbunshoku) The user can use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier to evade with enough skill. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in the user's mind's eye, and the damage the user will take if the attack actually "hits". This power also allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally, people or animals have auras which surround them that the Kenbunshoku Haki user can see.
    • Armament Haki: (武装色, Busoushoku) is an attack power. This has been shown to be able to attack the body directly and no Devil Fruit power has been shown to be able to defend against it. This includes the powerful Logia types. This Haki is as if the user is wearing an invisible armor, but a black metallic variant can also be applied. This power can also be extended to weapons, such as swords, arrows, and guns. Advanced armament Haki/Ryuo: Ryou is the name the people of Wano have for the Color of Arms. Upon reflection in Udon prison, Luffy comes to realize that the brute force of Gear Fourth wasn't enough to overcome Kaido's durable scales, however with help from Hyogoro, Luffy learned an advanced application whereby he lets his Haki flow out and around his fist to bypass an enemy's flesh and attack them internally:

    No Caption Provided

    Upon learning this advanced Haki, Luffy was eager to test himself once again against Kaido. His hypothesis regarding Kaido's scales was proven correct when he successfully damaged Kaido with a powerful punch called Red Roc, a Gear Third version of Gear Second's Red Hawk that utilizes the internal targeting Ryuo.

    • Conqueror's Haki: (覇王色, Haoushoku Haki) is the power to command and control the wills of others. It's an ability that is most likely found in those who gain fame in the world. When used it can cause people surrounding the user to pass out or even control the person's will for a short time. It's an intimidation tactic that takes time to master, as using it whenever one wants to may result in the passing out of others not intended to have been affected if the user is inexperienced. It is the rarest form of Haki, with only one in a million people having it, and cannot be taught. It can however, be strengthened. It is measured by the user's own spirit, and reinforced through personal growth. Conqueror's Haki is useless against people with a sufficiently strong enough will.


    One of the major weakness that comes with Luffy's Paramecia-type fruit is that he's still vulnerable to sharp weapons, such as knives, spears, and swords. He's never been shy about admitting this weakness when confronted by it.

    Sea Water

    All devil fruit users share one similar weakness, that is the ocean. The incredible power of the devil fruit renders the user a complete inability to swim. Once in water, they will sink like a stone. In sea water, a devil fruit user will also lose all strength in in their body at a fast rate. However, unlike sea prism stone, sea water does not nullify a Devil Fruit user's ability to use their powers e.g Luffy's head still being stretched out of the pool in Arlong Park despite his body being fully submerged and Luffy and Robin briefly using their powers while at a 10km depth in the ocean.

    Sea Prism Stone

    Sea Prism Stone is a naturally occurring metal originating from Wano. Minerals from the sea are embedded into the metal. It's said that sea prism stone is as hard as diamonds, and contact to the skin will both weaken the body and cancel out all devil fruit powers. they'll be as vulnerable as any other human. This is often found crafted into shackles and chains.


    Haki is a unique skill that all devil fruit users are vulnerable to. Armament Haki has the ability to cancel out any devil fruit power, however, the haki of the attacker must be stronger than the target. Luffy was trained by Silvers Rayleigh to use all three types of Haki.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Straw Hat

    The Straw Hat
    The Straw Hat

    Luffy's Straw Hat was given to him by Red-Hair Shanks. Not as a gift, but for safe keeping. He promised to return it to Shanks after becoming a great pirate. Luffy has always been extremely protective of his hat and rarely lets anyone else so much as touch it. On a number of occasions Luffy has left his hat with Nami, for safe keeping while he went into battle. She's also the person who repairs any damage. The manga canon events are when Luffy went to fight Arlong, in the Mock Town bar brawl with Bellamy, and the fight with Enel. After Nami started to join into the fights a strap was added, but is seems to appear and disappear. Nami is seen wearing the Straw Hat during some special cover images to chapters, often in pool or beach side settings (Volume 40 CH.379). This can also be seen in the seventh opening to the anime, "Crazy Rainbowstar" by T&T. Luffy has also left the hat with Vivi when on Little Garden. During the Davy Back Fight, Usopp wore the Straw Hat since Luffy was currently wearing a giant afro, and Usopp was Luffy's second.

    Luffy's Flag

    Luffy's jolly roger is also the Straw Hats' flag. Interestingly his Jolly Roger was drawn by Usopp, after a failed attempt to draw it himself.

    The flag of the Straw Hat Pirates
    The flag of the Straw Hat Pirates

    Wanted Poster

    Luffy is the first member of the crew to have a wanted poster. He was ecstatic when he saw his first poster and is always pleased to see an increase in his bounty, though none of his actions are ever motivated to increase it.

    Photo: The photo of Luffy was taken just after his victory over the pirate Arlong. The Marine forces had wanted a more menacing image, but they got his friendly smile. The back of Usopp's head can be seen in the background.


    Age: 17 (pre-time skip); 19 (post time-skip)

    Hair: Black

    Height: 5' 6" (172cm)

    Distinguishing Marks: Wears a straw hat; X-shaped scar across chest; bears a scar under his left eye with two stitches after he stabbed himself to prove how tough he was.

    Favorites: Meat, adventure

    Crew Position: Captain

    Specialty: honesty/instinct/Haki

    Devil Fruit: Gum Gum Fruit (Paramecia)

    Dream: To find the One Piece and become Pirate King

    First Bounty: 30,000,000 (Berries)

    Current Bounty: 1,500,000,000 (Berries)

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Luffy's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 1"I’m Luffy! The Man Who’s Gonna Be King of the Pirates!". His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka, and the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation is done by Colleen Clinkenbeard.


    Being the lead protagonist in of the One Piece story. Luffy has appeared in some form in ever product based on the series but a few occasions he has not been the main focus of the story.

    • One Piece - The Movie (2000)
    • One Piece - Clockwork Island Adventure (2001)
    • One Piece - Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002)
    • One Piece - The Movie: Dead End Adventure (2003)
    • One Piece - Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004)
    • One Piece - Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)
    • One Piece - Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)
    • One Piece - The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta (2008)
    • One Piece - Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura (2008)
    • One Piece - Strong World (2009)
    • One Piece 3D - Straw Hat Chase (2011)
    • One Piece - Film Z (2012)

    Video Games

    • One Piece - Set Sail Pirate Crew! (2001)
    • One Piece - Grand Battle! (2001)
    • One Piece - Birth of Luffy's Dream Pirate Crew! (2001)
    • One Piece - Grand Line Dream Adventure Log (2002)
    • One Piece- Grand Battle! 2 (2002)
    • One Piece - Treasure Battle! (2002)
    • One Piece - Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands (2002)
    • One Piece - Aim! The King of Berry (2003)
    • One Piece - Ocean's Dream! - Oceans of Dreams (2003)
    • One Piece - Grand Battle! 3 (2003)
    • One Piece - Going Baseball - Baseball of One Piece (2004)
    • One Piece - Round the Land! - Land Land! (2004)
    • One Piece - Dragon Dream! (2005)
    • One Piece - Fighting for One Piece (2005)
    • One Piece - Grand Battle! Rush (2005)
    • One Piece - Pirates Carnival (2005)
    • Jump Super Stars (2005)
    • Jump Ultimate Stars (2006)
    • Battle Stadium D.O.N (2006)
    • One Piece - Unlimited Adventure (2007)
    • One Piece - Gear Spirit (2007)
    • One Piece - Gigant Battle (2010)
    • One Piece - Gigant Battle! 2 New World (2011)
    • One Piece - Pirate Warriors (2012)

    Luffy and Women

    Luffy is very much unlike Sanji to be overtaken by a woman's looks or body. He would be perfectly happy to have a large feast. A few times though he has had what Eiichiro Oda has best described as a 'healthy reaction' to the female form, but the results have been mixed. Twice Luffy has had the opportunity to see Nami's body, once when Mr. 2 was showing off her body; and he's displayed the 'healthy reaction'.

    No Caption Provided

    Much later in the series in CH. 521 Luffy sees Boa Hancock's exposed chest and has no reaction, despite her being labeled as the most beautiful woman in the world. This could be explained that he was expecting food to be behind the curtain and didn't notice. However, he does ask why she's not wearing a shirt.

    Oda would later explain this discrepancy by saying that Luffy reacted differently to Nami's body because he was around Usopp. Though, as a type of character that seems rather single-minded and set on his own emotions. In the instances where Luffy had reacted to Nami's nude body. The reactions were instantaneous. It feels more like Oda trying to explain a contradiction in his story. This is because his later statement was in contradiction of the one he made in the years prior.


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