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    Monkey D. Garp is a famous and powerful Marine vice admiral. He is the father of Monkey D. Dragon, the paternal grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy, and the adoptive grandfather of Portgas D. Ace. He was also the commanding officer of the 153rd Branch of the Marines and the man in charge of both Koby and Helmeppo. He is close friends with his former superior, Sengoku.

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    Monkey D. Garp is a famous hero of the Marines. In his past Garp was one of the most well known figures during the age of Gol D. Roger, and still is to this very day. Garp was a Marine most famous for cornering the Pirate King on numerous occasions, though the could never capture Roger. During this time Garp had got word that two of the worlds most fearsome pirates had met in the New World, they were of course Roger and Shiki the Golden Lion. Garp decided to go, much to the protest of fleet Admiral Kong, but Garp left anyway. It was revealed that Garp on numerous occasions had turned down the chance to become an admiral, feeling he didn't need a higher rank to do what he pleases. Kuzan, the future admiral Aokiji, found this aspect of Garp to be "cool". Garp is teamed up with admiral Sengoku, who say's he will deal with the Shiki manner himself. Comically Garp say's they will say it was all Sengoku.

    A week before Roger's execution, Shiki attacked Marineford, killing many Marines in the process. Garp tells Shiki that the hearts of many pirates will be scared. When Shiki says that the life of the Pirate King ends in the weakest of the oceans, Garp counters and says that it is also the most peaceful. Garp and Sengoku then challenged Shiki, and after a fierce battle that destroyed half of Marineford, Shiki was defeated and sent to Level Six of Impel Down

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    As Roger awaited his execution, he asked Garp to take care of his son Ace, saying that his unborn baby bears no sin. Garp wondered why Roger was telling a marine of his son, as all women involved with the pirate king would be executed. Roger states that the two men have almost killed each other on multiple occasions, and because of that Roger see's Garp as much of a friend as his own pirate crew, trusting him despite being on the opposite side. Garp say's that its preposterous that he will protect the child, but Roger knows that his old enemy will. Garp was present at Ace's birth and Rogues' death. Garp raises the child as Portgas D. Ace, and often visits Ace while off-duty, pulling funny faces. Garp also hears of Shiki's escape from Impel Down and gets a call from Sengoku. Due to being a Marine, Garp often left Ace in the hands of Dadan. At some point Garp had a son Monkey D. Dragon, and through him a grandson Monkey D. Luffy, who he also raised along with Ace. Garp had high hopes for the two boys, wanting them to become strong marines, even pushing them through strong training regimes, though the two boys had different idea's of what they would become.

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    10 years ago when Luffy was only 7, and after he had ate his devil fruit and met shanks, he told Garp that he wanted to become the next Pirate King. Garp who was angry that not only did Luffy eat a devil fruit but he was also talking of becoming a pirate. Garp told Luffy that him and Ace were to become the strongest marines who had ever lived.Carrying Luffy, Garp takes him to Dadan, who seems to be having troubles with Ace who is 10. Garp tells Dadan that he will keep her crimes a secret and stop her from being sent to impel down as long as she raises Luffy, though she wonders if jail is any worse. Suddenly Ace appears, spitting at Luffy. Garp tells Luffy that from now on he's gonna be living with Ace. Garp often trains both boys, being especially hard on Luffy, whom Ace stands up for. After Ace and Luffy both become pirates, Garp is furious.

    Reunion With Luffy

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    Years later, Garp arrives at Water 7 soon after Luffy and his crew had defeated the CP9 and Rob Lucci. Despite the protest of the people who claim no pirates are on the island, Garp makes his way through the shocked crowd and to the house were Luffy and his crew is. Garp smashes through the wall. The Straw Hat crew quickly goes into the defensive, but Garp easily bypasses them and punches Luffy, who is hurt despite being rubber. Garp proclaims that no one can escape the fist of love, and say's that Luffy has been doing reckless things. It is at this point that the relationship of the two is revealed. Luffy tells everyone that his grandfather tried to kill him many times, like pushing him down a ravine, though Garp claimed he did it to make Luffy strong.

    It is clear that Garp blames Shanks for Luffy becoming a pirate, but Luffy shouts back at Garp that he shouldn't speak bad about the man whom saved his life. Garp shouts at Luffy to show him some respect and grabs him. Fearing that Luffy has been captured, the two men quickly fall a sleep. Garp quickly awakens shocked that he fell a sleep, but shouts at Lufy for doing so when he was being lectured. Garp hits Luffy more, then tells him about Shanks and the Yonko, stating that the reason for the Marines and Shichibukai is to maintain balance. When Zoro arrives Garp asks two of his men to fight him, but both are quickly defeated by Zoro and Luffy, which Garp laughs at. Garp asks his men to fix the wall he broke, and then says that Luffy met his father. Luffy seemingly clueless that he even has a father, is told that he saw him off at Rogue town. Garp reveals that Monkey D Dragon, the leader of the revolutionaries is his father, a fact which shocks everybody else. Garp quickly realizes that he shouldn't have said anything. Garp allows Luffy to go , but punches him for given a casual goodbye. Later on Garp changes his mind and goes to capture Luffy, but his grandson gets a way something which doesn't seem to bother him.

    Impel Down Arc

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    After Ace is defeated by Blackbeard and sent to Impel Down, Garp goes to visit his adopted grandson. Garp said that he wished Ace and Luffy had become marines like he always wanted, but instead turned out as terrible rogues. Garp tells Ace that he told Luffy about his father. Ace says to Garp, that with the blood of world wide criminals running through their veins, there was no way he and Luffy would have become marines, though he says he owes his mother a great debt, as he took her name, rather than the name of his father. Ace says that he doesn't owe his father a thing, which Garp understands. Ace then says he only has one father, Whitebeard.

    Later on when Garp learns of Luffy invading impel down, he is shown to be laughing in front of a furious Sengoku. Who says that Luffy has only made a huge crisis, of Whitebeard's impending attack worse. Garp continues to laugh, and seems to be proud of Luffy tarnishing a perfect record of no one ever invading Impel Down. Sengoku wonders why Kuma lied about eliminating the Straw Hats, but Garp says he could tell Kuma was lying, though he wonders how Luffy bypassed the siege. Sengoku grabs Garp and tells him that if he weren't a hero, he would hold him responsible for his families doings, but Garp says an old man like him cant atone for his families crimes.

    Marineford War Arc

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    Three hours before Ace's execution. As the marine forces gather for the incoming war against Whitebeard. Sengoku tells Garp that he's going to tell them everything. Garp tells him to do as he likes, and that he will be down below. Sengoku reveals to everyone that Ace is the son of the late pirate king. Soon after this shocking revelation. the gates of justice open, as a large fleet of ships pass through, consisting of many of Whitebeard's allies. Garp says that Newgate chose an outrageous place to show himself, with Tsuru saying it's not the most logical formations. From underneath Whitebeard arrives. Newgate uses his powers to create two waves, which Garp realizes has quickly turned into full blown tsunami's. As the war rages on Garp goes on the stand and sits down. Sengoku asks if he has a problem, but Garp says he has no pity for pirates but family is different. Garp cries over the life Ace chose. Sengoku says he wont hold back if he tries anything. Though Garp says that if he could have done something he already would have.

    Later, when Luffy shows up with the escaped prisoners of Impel Down, Garp is incredibly shocked, as Sengoku shouts at him. Garp states that the group Luffy with is screwed up, and it's hard to believe they would fight on common ground.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Garp is easily one of the most powerful Marines and one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

    A testament to his strength is that he was one of the very few people to be considered a rival to Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. He was able to battle and corner Roger on numerous occasions, however, neither one being able to best the other. Though he is only of vice admiral rank, it is revealed that on more than one occasion he was offered the position of Admiral, indicating that his power is very high.

    Physical Abilities

    Despite his advanced age, Garp still possesses incredible amounts of physical strength. He is able to throw cannonballs like baseballs at speeds faster than if they were shot out of an actual cannon, and both carry and throw a gigantic ball and chain which was many times bigger than the Thousand Sunny.

    In addition to his legendary strength, Garp also has incredible durability and pain-tolerance. He was able to take a direct hit from Luffy in Second Gear at point-blank range with no visible damage.

    Garp is also extremely fast, bypassing the entire Straw Hat crew in order to get to a sleeping Luffy. His speed was so fast he appeared as a blur, and non of the Straw Hats could even register his movements.


    As a vice admiral, Garp is fully capable of using Haki.

    Busoshoku Haki: Garp is extremely proficient in Busoshoku Haki, being able to injury Luffy many times, despite the latter's rubbery body.

    Kenbunshoku Haki: Garp possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki


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    Garp shows traits both similar to both Luffy and Ace. He is known to randomly fall a sleep, something which seems to run in the family, as both Luffy and Ace do it, despite Ace not being of blood relation. This indicates that this may not be genetic, but a trait that he 3 have picked up. Garp also has a strange sense of whats cool, instead of using the door, he will break down walls in order to make a grand entrance, though he will always tell his men to fix it. Garp is rather lighthearted, often making fun of Sengoku about Luffy, despite he himself hating that his grandson had become a pirate. He was also known to pull funny faces at Ace in his youth. Despite this good-natured side, as a marine Garp is very serious especially when it came to raising Luffy and Ace. He was hard on both boys, putting them through hellish training, which was not appreciated, though he was only doing what he thought best. Garp is very loyal to the marines, but has been known to do his own thing, and deep down he follows moral justice, as he would choose family over his duty, as shown when he told Sengoku that he would have rescued Ace if could, and when he allowed Luffy to punch him so he could get to Ace.


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    Garp is a large man, both in height size and in status. His chest and shoulders are very broad, and he also is very muscular despite his age. Garp has a full beard, and white hair, with a scar down his left eye. Garp wears the usual a suit with his vice admiral jacket draped over his shoulders like a cape. When he first appeared Garp wore a dog mask.


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