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    The cruel conqueror Mongul once roamed the cosmos aboard Warworld, a planet-sized engine of destruction. Invading countless worlds, Mongul enslaved entire populations. Dying at the hands of Neron, his son carries on the family tradition, most recently as a member and would be leader of the Sinestro Corps.

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    Mongul II first appeared in Showcase '95 #8 and is created by Peter J. Tomasi and Scot Eaton.

    Not to be confused with Mongul the Elder.

    Son of Mongul


    Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #1

    When ever his father would leave Debstam IV Mongul Jr. would sneak out of the castle and journey to the media center to watch old "digis" of his father's battle with the heroes of earth. Through these, he perceived his father as the hero and these Earthlings' as the villains.

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    After watching for hours he'd recreate some of the battles using dead bodies as the earthlings. Then one day a small space ship crashed and Mongul Jr. enslaved its crew. He had them build a monument to him and he dress them up as the members of the Justice League and spar against them. After a while his father caught him.

    Mongul Sr was not pleased and killed the aliens, claiming there is only being on the planet worthy of being worshiped. Then with one punch he destroyed his son's monument. After his father left, Mongul Jr rebuilt the monument believing he too will have the power of his father.

    Perfect Life

    Green Lantern Vol 4,

    Mongul's son (also named Mongul) went to Earth to get revenge for his father. He battled Hal Jordan and the Green Arrow but was interrupted by his older sister, Mongal. They were sent back to their home planet of Debstam IV where Mongul killed his sister, citing family as a weakness.

    • Status: Inactive, held within the Sinestro Corp Central Battery
    • Space Sector: 2811
    • Sector Partner: ?
    • Homeworld: Debstam IV
    • Predecessor: Inapplicable
    • Successor: Inapplicable

    Sinestro Corps

    Mongul then comes across the injured Sinestro Soldier of Sector 2809 when the alien's ship crashes down on Debstam IV, located in Sector 2811. Mongul enters the wreckage and finds the fallen Sinestro Corps member. The injured man offers Mongul the power ring and Mongul breaks his neck, taking the ring anyway. Mongul's first act was to order his ring to inform him of all it's capabilities. He then spent the next 96 hours learning all of the capabilities of his new weapon. After the ring is finished, Mongul asks it how many rings are currently seeking a bearer. After receiving the information, and the coordinates of said rings, he proceeds to berate his sister's skull before flying off to put his plan into motion.

    Mongul next travels to Sector 226 and arrives at Clementia; the home planet of the Black Mercy plants. While taking time to remember his father, he sets about gathering some of the plants. He then heads off into space. Mongul sets about tracking down the rings that are seeking new bearers. As Duel Eknham is chosen by a ring, Mongul bursts into the hospital. He then proceeds to give the newest member of the Sinestro Corps the options of joining him, or relinquishing his ring in exchange for a Black Mercy. He has presumably encountered 5 other Sinestro's based on the fact he is now sporting 6 rings, and taking note of this fact Duel chooses to side with him. The two then proceed to slaughter the inhabitants of the hospital, sticking around long enough afterwards to ambush Sodam Yat and Arisia and take them hostage.

    Black Mercy

    Mongul returns to the planet of the Mercies, with Duel, Sodam, and Arisia. He then begins to use his rings to dig to the center of the planet. He then began using them to change the Black Mercies, so that instead of showing a person's greatest joy, they would show them their darkest fears. He was forced to expend energy blasting Duel when the former ignored him about touching the Green Lanterns. He then proceeded to launch his altered seeds into the atmosphere towards other waiting planets. Mongul then, leaving the Lanterns behind under the influence of his altered Black Mercies, left for another part of the planet to collect more seeds.

    While he was collecting seeds to further his plans, Mongul's attention was grabbed by his ring informing him in a change of the gravity of the planet. He almost wrote it off as feeding time for the Mercies, before he realized that it was localized to one area. Going to investigate he found not only more Lanterns, but Mother Mercy herself. He manages to ambush the Lanterns, blasting all of them with Mercies. Mongul then confronts Mother Mercy, angered by her "betrayal", he orders her to finish off the Lanterns. He then informs Duel he wants him to stay behind, causing yet another argument. Tired of their squabbling, he separates the two and leaves one behind, and brings the other with him. He then heads off into space to finish enacting his plan. He doesn't even make it out of the system before the Lanterns manage to confront him, having been set free by Mercy. He then proceeds to battle them to a standstill. Just as Mongul readies himself for another assault, he convulses. Bzzd bursts forth from his eye, having attacked him internally. The other Lanterns then proceed to blast him back into Mercies gravity well, who begins to feed him to her children.


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    Mongul later manages to escape the grasp of Mother Mercy, though his arm has been severed in the process. He flies away from the planet. He doesn't stop until he runs into a private ship carrying Kered and Miri Riam, blasting through it's shield and boarding it. He then proceeds to raid the available rations, before blasting his way out of the ship and continuing on his journey, leaving the two occupants to die in space. Mongul's next stop was a pleasure planet, when the owner of the establishment protested to his plans to enjoy their services, Mongul wasted no time in killing him. He then spent the night enjoying the women's company, and good food. He then continued on, making his way to the planet Daxam, though his plans for the people are unknown.

    Mongul transformed the planet Daxam in the new base of operations of the Sinestro Corps. Mongul announced that he was now their leader.

    However Arkillo challenged him to single combat without their rings (the winner of this battle will be the new leader of the Sinestro Corps). Arkillo is a tough opponent for Mongul, but in the end Mongul wins (Ripping Out Arkillo's tongue) - After the match against Arkillo, Mongul gains complete mastery over the planet Daxam and the Sinestro Corps.

    Sodam Yat and Arisia decided to investigate the situation. Sodam Yat kills some members of the Sinestro Corps. Sodam Yat frees his father and decides to fight Mongul. Sodam Yat surprises Mongul and fight bravely. In the end, Sodam Yat decides to enter Daxam's Red Sun

    Sinestro vs Mongul
    Sinestro vs Mongul

    Sodam Yat turns Daxam's Red Sun in a yellow star, giving super powers to all the inhabitants of the planet Daxam. Mongul leaves the planet Daxam along with the other members of the Sinestro Corps (Mongul says that "things got more interesting"). After his defeat on the planet Daxam, Mongul installs itself on Planet Korugar.

    Indigo-1 carries Sinestro to Korugar to defeat Mongul. Mongul and Sinestro are fighting for control of the Sinestro Corps. Mongul took the advantage in combat, Mongul says to Sinestro that he is a being of Action. And proceeds to beat Sinestro. But in the end, Sinestro overrides his ring thus finally defeating Mongul. Sinestro then imprisons Mongul in The central power battery (Green Lantern #46). Mongul's fate remains unknown.


    Mongul II (aka Mongul Jr.)

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    Mongul has physical strength to fight on equal terms against Superman. Mongul has enough physical strength to defeat Wonder Woman (Infinite Crisis #1, Mongul defeats Wonder Woman effortlessly).

    Mongul also has a magnificent durability (Mongul withstood several blows from Superman).

    Mongul has a powerful energy cannon (the cannon is located in the chest). This cannon fires powerful bursts of energy.

    After the Sinestro Corps War, Mongul got a Qwardian Power Ring. Mongul killed several members of the Sinestro Corps which to Mongul getting more rings. Mongul also seems to be very talented with the rings, as he able to battle nine veteran Lanterns at the same time and still hold the advantage. Aside from his physical prowess and power rings Mongul is a very skilled combatant.

    Other Media

    DC Original Animated Movies

    Mongul & Solomon Grundy in Public Enemies
    Mongul & Solomon Grundy in Public Enemies

    Mongul appears in the animated film - Superman/Batman: Public Enemies in 2009. His voice/grunts were provided by Bruce Timm. He was one of the super villains trying to grab the bounty placed on Superman's head. After a short battle with Superman he was defeated. However it was revealed that he was being mind controlled by Gorilla Grodd because Superman noticed he wasn't his usual talkative self, and that he heard a gorilla's Heartbeat..

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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    He appears in "Duel of the Double Crosses!". Where he uses Jonah Hex to capture warriors to fight in his Warworlds who he sets up a deal with. Hex captures Batman and brings him to Warworld. Mongul goes back on his word so Jonah helps Batman defeat Warworld's champion. Hex and Batman then frees the prisoners who then attack Mongul.

    He also appears in "Death Race to Oblivion!". In this episode he pits heroes and villains against each other in race to the death. In the end he is outsmarted by the heroes and defeated. He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.

    Young Justice

    Mongul appears in the second season episode "War", where he is voiced by Keith David. While at the interplanetary trial for the Justice League members that attacked Rimbor (while under the control of the Light), he is urged on by Vandal Savage (who is also secretly at the trial) to go and conquer the Earth, after everyone at the proceedings learn that the Reach has taken the planet. Mongul brings War World to Earth and begins unleashing attack after attack using its vast array of weaponry, only to have his attempts thwarted by Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Rocket, Green Beetle, Robin and Batgirl (in the bio-ship), and a wave of Reach ships. Mongul himself faces Superboy, Wonder Girl, Wolf, and Arsenal, who are a part of an infiltration effort by the Team (Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Beast Boy go after War World's key, while Bumblebee and Mal Duncan (in the Guardian's exo-skeleton) shut down War World's core). When Bumblebee sends the power of the core straight to Mongul's control room, the overload stuns Mongul long enough for Superboy and Wonder Girl to knock him out cold.

    Video Games

    In the X-Box Exclusive game, Superman: Man of Steel, Mongul is one of the villains to appear in the game. Along with his War World. His is voiced by James Patrick Stewart.

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    In the Movie tie-in video game Superman Returns, Mongul once again appearing on War World and Metropolis accompanied by two video Game exclusive gladiators, Phaltune & Overkhast make life hard for the Man of Steel. He is voiced by Todd Williams.

    In the Batman: the Brave & The Bold : The Video Game, Mongul appears as a boss character. His voice is once again provided for by Gary Anthony Williams.


    Numerous toys and action figures have been released based on Mongul and his different incarnations.


    Mongul was ranked #41 on IGN's Top 100 comic Book villains of all time list.


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