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    One of the core members of the ABC Warriors, Mongrol may have the body of the monster, but he has the heart and soul of a warrior. His intelligence has varied from military genius to nothing but a sub-human animal.

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    Mongrol appears in the 2000AD story - ABC Warriors.

    Originally an ABC paratrooper, during the Volgan wars, Mongrol was sent on a disastrous mission, one that cost the lives of all his teammates, save for one....the mysterious Zippo aka Agent Orange. Mongrol himself was nearly killed when his parachute and back-up parachute failed to open, causing him to land headfirst into the rocky terrain below. Because of his heavily built head, his brain survived the incident, but the rest of his body was entirely destroyed and beyond repair. For over a week, the robot cried for help.....until a young girl passing through heard him.

    The girl was a young teenager named Lara, who, along with her aunt, where scavenging robot scraps to sell to the Volgans and subsequent markets. Lara, seeing the still living Mongrol in pain, felt bad and, under cover of darkness, went to work at fixing him with a new body from various metal scraps she had collected. However, before she could activate the new body's power source, the Volgans attacked her home and dragged the immobile Mongrol to a prison, where, for several days, he was horrifically tortured with electricity. The volts driven into his body charged and activated his core, allowing the hulking metallic Frankenstein monster to burst free of his restraints and escape him torture room. Stumbling his way back to Lara's house, he found her and her aunt dead, both tortured and shot in the head. The behemoth mech lifted up his creator in his arms and bellowed his grief, all alone in the world, the one person who had shown him any sort of love, now dead.

    Burying her in a pile of rocks by the house, he stumbled off, ready to avenge her at any given moment. But the trauma of his torture and the discovery of Laura's death disabled the once intelligent military genius. Now all Mongrol could do is speak in simple terms, unable to think and speak like he once did. Engaged in an attack against several Volgan soldiers, Mongrol was saved and aided by the newly forming ABC Warriors. However, initially, Mongrol was suspicious, having had terrible experiences with the military before. After a brief skirmish with Hammerstein, Mongrol was convinced enough to join the group....for the moment (mainly to repay Hammerstein for saving him from being crushed by two enemy tanks.)

    Despite the initial animosity, soon Mongrol became close friends with the rest of the team, especially with the newest recruit The Mess, formerly Steelhorn. The giant robot took it upon himself to carry the vial that held his friend, being the only one to understand the cries that the liquid metal whimpered through its glass enclosure.

    After the initial teamup for Mars, the ABC Warriors disbanded and remained separated for several centuries. During this time, Mongrol went to work in a faux-gladiator arena where he was labeled as "The Gawk". At the circus he performed at, he was forced to be humiliated everyday, often made fun of his seemingly low intelligence. When Nemesis the Warlock came to recruit him back for the ABC Warriors, the subjugated mech didn't need to be asked twice.

    During the subsequent battles with the Termight Empire and its dictator Torquemada, Mongrol and the ABC Warriors where sent back in time to fix the black hole that was operating on the surface of the future Earth/Terran empire. During this time, Mongrol and the rest of the ABC Warriors where captured by an insane Terran Commander, who sent the wayward robots to a demolition factory. Mongrol, weary of life and desperate to see his "mother" Lara again, gratefully accepted death as the crusher's arms gripped his neck, swiftly tearing his head off of his body. His head and body where then thrown into the machine, alongside Ro-Jaws (a fellow warrior and friend's dismembered body). Luckily for him, due to Ro-Jaws' non-stop chatter about the sewers, the suicidal Mongrol then changed his mind about dying and was able to wrench apart the machine before it could kill the human ABC Warrior Terri-1. Escaping with his head held by Ro-Jaws, the team scampered away into the Time Wastes.

    Sadly for Mongrol, Deadlock, who had previously told him in private that being a good soldier robot was a guarantee to go to heaven, retracted his previous statement, with Blackblood gloating to the ape-like machine that the only place a dead robot went was to the smelter.

    Heartbroken at never seeing Lara again, Mongrol turned to wisdom in his "father"...a screwdriver.

    After saving the black hole and time itself, the team, now lead by Deadlock, ventured to the planet Hekate, to learn the ways of Khaos. While there, the already fragile minded Mongrol devolved mentally even further into a pure beast machine; as fast as a biological predator, but without the ability to speak or understand communication. During this time, Mongrol would become infatuated with the newest ABC Warrior recruit Morrigun and would essentially become her loyal 'pet'. Forever a jealous lover, Mongrol nearly severed Blackblood's arm as a warning when the ex-war criminal tried to touch Morrigun's leg to see a new paint design.

    However, his infatuation and pseudo-romance with the Khaos worshiping vixen would be short lived. In a freak accident while trying to protect a Martian tri-morph from being hit by a tank, Morrigun was trapped underneath the treads, crushing and killing her instantly. Mongrol, bereaved and heartbroken, managed to switch his body with a spare. This shift enabled his brain to re-connect long dormant wires, giving him his old intelligence and personality. Later on, throughout the new Mars mission to save the native Mars life and humans from the wrath of the planet's inner deity named Medusa, he would play a more assertive role, being a sort of secondary leader alongside Hammerstein and Deadlock.

    After a few years, a Civil War eventually broke out between the Union and Confederate forces of Mars. The president of Mars, President Diaz, would recruit a number of assassin robots to hunt down and kill the ABC Warriors. One enemy, a Shadow Warrior called Warmonger, blew up Mongrol's body with bunker-busters and went head to head with the mixed matched mech. But due to badmouthing Lara, Mongrol went ballistic and destroyed the enemy robot.

    As of late, Mongrol is still with the ABC Warriors, now smoking cigars as he did before his brain damage in the post-Volgan war era. However, after Blackblood revealed that he had attempted (and possibly succeeded) in killing Lara for his Volgan commanders, the veteran beast broke off any connection to him, threatening to leave the team if the ex-Volgan robot stayed. However, Blackblood defected soon afterwards, so he still is a key member of the ABC Warriors.


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