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    Money Spider is an enemy of the heroine Cobweb. Stealing from banks to fund her nefarious crimes she uses various weapons to mimic the abilities of spiders including poisonous nails, suction cups for wall crawling and a silk webbing wrist gun.

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    Little is known of Octavia Price before her first recorded appearance in  Tomorrow Stories #6 , "Shackled in Silk". She had become an enemy of the heroine Cobweb, through various robberies and thefts. It is unknown how she adopted her Money Spider persona.
    On hearing of Money Spider's escape from jail, Cobweb immediately tracked her down to her old lair at the vaults of the Getchilde bank Building with her driver Clarice. Taken by surpise in an ambush by Money Spider clinging to the roof using her suction cups, Clarice was paralysed by a scratch from Money Spider's nails, coated in a special spider poison. Money Spider then wrapped Cobweb up in a special synthetic web before also paralysing her with her venom-coated lips. 
    Luckily Cobweb had a cigarette lighter close to hand, burning away the web to free herself and get Clarice to medical attention before it was too late. 
    Meanwhile Money Spider had made her way from her underground lair and was climbing up the side of the building, before she was confronted by Cobweb on a helicopter. Furious that Cobweb had escaped her trap, Money Spider leapt off the building onto the helicopter and attacked Cobweb directly. Unbalanced by a kick from Cobweb, she suddenly fell but recovered to grab Cobweb's leg to stop her fall. 
    Unfortunately for Money Spider, Cobweb's stocking boot fell off and she lost her grip, falling several floors and plunging into an open manhole sewer. Cobweb then lost sight of her foe and decided to abandon the fight due to rain - which provided significant problems for Money Spider to extricate herself from the sewer. 
     Her next recorded appearance came in Tomorrow Stories #12, where she again faced Cobweb and her driver Clarice, during a robbery at the offices of, an accounting firm. Initially she had apparently succeeded in paralyzing both Cobweb and Clarice with her darts and was about to web them up, when she was interrupted by the hero Greyshirt. Furious she fired her darts at his face, hitting him directly and paralysing him immediately. Realising that Cobweb and Clarice were then was not paralysed as she had initially thought and that she had walked into a trap, Money Spider successfully made a quick getaway using her wrist silk gun to swing away up into the roof and beyond to escape.


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