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Monev was locked in a prison cell by Millions Knives, Vash's brother, for about twenty years in order to gain the power and skills required to kill Vash the Stampede. Monev's first confrontation with Vash happened shortly after Vash was incarcerated after being suspected of killing a shoemaker, who had actually been killed by Legato Bluesummers.     


Monev the Gale was created by Yasuhiro Nightow for his Trigun series.

Major Story Arcs


Monev payed Vash a little visit to the cell he was in. After killing the deputy and destroying the walls of the cell, Monev managed to grab onto Vash, although not for long, as Vash managed to catch Monev by surprise with a hidden gun that was built into his left arm. With this, Vash was able to disable one of the two guns mounted on Monev's arms, as well as wounding him in his right shoulder. 


After this Monev used his remaining gun to destroy a large portion of the city, killing a lot of innocent bystanders and shooting off Vash's left arm. Vash managed to shoot Monev in his faceplate however, giving him just enough time to get to the city bank and use the vault as a defense against Monev. 
Realizing Vash's plan, Monev revealed a big rucksack full of firearms and took out a giant minigun that was powerful enough to punch through the bank vault. Monev attempted to kill Vash in a relentless barrage of bullets, but Vash was able to use the vault door as a shield long enough to fire two perfectly placed shots to Monev's head, knocking off his protective faceplate and then aiming at his exposed face at point-blank range. Monev begged Vash not to kill him, and realizing that Rem wouldn't want him to kill him either, Vash let Monev live.  


After his defeat, Monev warned Vash of the other Gung Ho Guns and gave him his coin of the 12 Gung Ho Guns.
Not much later after leaving town, Vash finds Monev's body nailed to a cross with his left leg ripped off, apparently having been killed by fellow Gung Ho Gun E.G. Mine for his failure.

Powers and Equipment

Monev wears a powerful battle suit and caries two high-powered gatling-guns on his arms; he also has a pressure chamber on the back of his that increases the firing speed of the two guns on his arms. These guns are shown to have incredible stopping power, powerful enough to tear through entire buildings. 
He also has a bag full of machine guns and other assorted weapons, most notably a giant minigun that he used to destroy a back vault Vash was hiding behind at the time.

Anime Version

The anime version of Monev is almost identical to how he was presented in the manga, although both he and Dominique the Cyclops were killed by E.G. Mine for their failure and were nailed to a wall, instead of a cross.

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